Isles Self-Reliant Communities Issues PR and Marketing RFP

                Isles is seeking a single firm to develop a culturally appropriate Strategic Vision, Public    Awareness and Marketing Plan for promotion of the DCA Lead Pilot program statewide and for the program to achieve its goals. Isles is seeking to develop a brand identity and marketing capabilities that will increase the visibility and recognition of the Lead Pilot services in each of our communities and throughout the state. Isles desires to clarify the program’s vision and mission so it can be easily understood and embraced by all State of NJ departments and staff,   schools, government, and the general public. We are looking for a project team that        understands the communities in which we work and the issues of lead safety and healthy housing. We are seeking a firm that brings passion, enthusiasm, creativity and fun to the process.


                Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a nationally recognized community development and environmental nonprofit organization. The organization’s mission is to foster more self-reliant      families and healthy, sustainable communities. Through funding provided by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Isles is seeking to hire an agency to provide a marketing, advertising and branding plan for the State’s Lead Safe Home Remediation (LSHR) Pilot. The LSHR provides lead-safe repairs and energy efficiency in      residential units built prior to 1978. The purpose of this program is to identify and remediate      lead-based paint hazards via interim controls to prevent elevated blood lead levels in children           and pregnant women. This work is provided through a number ofcommunity-based agencies   from across the State.

                Currently, there is no readily identifiable or consistent name, branding, logo, tag line or slogan   attached to this statewide project. The State of NJ has developed some materials and each    agency has developed their own outreach and marketing materials, flyers, etc. Therefore, the        general public has little knowledge of the need for this project, its application across the state or    even of its existence in some cases.

                This public service campaign is needed in order to educate the public about the dangers of lead and the availability of a free program that can remove those lead hazards and improve the          condition of their homes. (This project is also free to landlords.) Up to $12,000 of repairs              (windows, doors, painting, repairs, etc.) can be made in qualified homes.

Scope of Work

                At minimum, the Consultant will perform the following tasks. Bidders are encouraged to provide detail on how each task is to be accomplished, to recommend which tasks require greater              emphasis, and to suggest additional tasks that may be necessary or beneficial, but have not                 been identified in this RFP.

                Project Kick Off and Information Gathering

·         Meet with the project team to develop a comprehensive understanding of the project scope and schedule.

·         Gather existing information regarding lead and healthy housing.

·         Identify relevant audience(s) for the scope of services.

                Strategic and Audience Development

·         Conduct and facilitate a meeting with the project team to create and validate the vision, mission and outcomes for the outreach program.

·         Identify potential focus group members for confirmation of potential messages.

                Draft Public Outreach and Communication Plan

·         Develop a comprehensive 2 year public outreach and communication plan that will involve the coordination among the project team and stakeholders. The plan will include, but is not limited to, the following:

o   An “Identity Guide” that outlines the standards for using Lead Pilot brand, logos, colors and name (or re-name)

o   Community messaging program including regularly scheduled activities and creative ideas for ongoingcommunication

o   Digital and social media campaign, including Facebook, Twitter, and web-based communication

o   Traditional media campaign including print ads, posters, signs and brochures.

·         For each item in the public outreach and communication plan, the Consultant will complete a detailed implementation strategy that will include:

o   Communication techniques

o   Estimated budget allocations (including total staff hours).

o   Measurable targets and goals based on governmental marketing best and next practices.

o   Assets and gaps of existing personnel to accomplish plan tasks

o   Targeted test groups for messaging

                Create Marketing Material and Graphic Development

·         Program messaging/talking points

·         Signs

·         Informational brochures/pdf’s

·         Infographics

·         Social media posts

·         Other materials as recommended (table tents, posters, banners, etc.)

                Graphic package and Focus Groups

·         The consultant will provide draft graphic package and communication/outreach plan to project team for feedback andreview.

                Refinement of plan and final deliverable preparation

·         The consultant will refine the plan based on stakeholder input and prepare a final implementation plan as well as graphic standards package including graphics in a variety of formats that will be determined

Due Date

                May 10th at 5:00pm


                Isles, Inc.

                ATTN: Peter Rose

                10 Wood Street

                Trenton, New Jersey 08618

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