Jersey Transportation Agency Issues Marketing RFP

Jersey Transportation Agency Issues Marketing RFP

The South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) has issued an RFP for Marketing and Advertising Services for the Atlantic City International Airport.  The marketing and advertising services include but are not limited to; graphic creation, social media monitoring and promotion, creating and implementing advertising campaigns and tracking the advertising campaigns’ effectiveness.

The SJTA is seeking experienced proposers to provide marketing and advertising support services for the Atlantic City International Airport. Familiarity with best industry practices in airport marketing and advertising are desired. The Authority currently has several mediums for marketing and advertising services. The expectation is for the successful proposer to assist in developing and implementing an appropriate mix of television, radio, print, billboard, internet and social media advertisements.

The Authority wishes to promote new and existing air services and terminal amenities available at its airport with the goal of increasing passenger traffic and revenue while raising the profile of the airport through its advertising campaigns. In addition, the successful proposer will assist in developing the airports brand and increasing awareness with an emphasis on the simplicity and convenience  as  compared to the larger airports in the area.

For the calendar year 2017 the Airport has an advertising budget of $250,000.

The services and experience requested of the selected proposer are include:

  1. Graphic design and creative for all advertising and social media outlets
  2. Social Media
  3. Updating and maintaining the airports social media outlets including twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin or any another other social media platform the airport may choose to use in the future
  4. Monitoring all airport social media sites, and reporting to the authority preferably in real time
  5. Creative and Innovative ideas that maximize the reach and potential of all social media channels
  6. Experience developing and implementing successful creative concepts and advertising campaigns
  7. Overall knowledge, experience and demonstrated skill in developing clear and effective messaging.
  8. Knowledge of South Jersey and surrounding competitive market areas target audience and demographics is desirable
  9. Provide expert advice and assistance to the Authority in development and maintenance of the airport’s strategic t marketing plan
  10. Knowledge and experience in managing advertising schedules and messages as needed
  11. Expert advice, assistance, editing and review of all airport advertising initiatives

Proposal due by Thursday, April 6, 2017 to:
South Jersey Transportation Authority Farley Service Plaza
P.O. Box 351 Hammonton, NJ 08037
Attn: Purchasing Department

Major PR firms in New Jersey include Coyne PR and Dukas-Linden.

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