Jules Feiler: Former 5WPR Veteran Launches Indie Film Group

Jules Feiler

The Pitching Staff announced the formation of TPS: Film Unit designed to work exclusively with independent filmmakers.  The new division will be led by Pitching Staff founder and CEO Jules Feiler, a former SVP with NY-based 5WPR.

“While films have always been a strong part of our business, we determined that a dedicated division would be of great benefit in serving our client base,” said Feiler.

“We have worked with Jules Feiler and his team for a few years,” said documentary filmmaker and CEO of MAJ Productions, Lenny Feinberg, “I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality and amount of coverage they get us. Feiler is extremely creative, with great media contacts, exactly what I want in a press agent.”

Previous and current film work for the partners includes the upcoming Mickey Rourke film “Monkey’s Nest,” the Ray Mancini documentary “The Good Son,” Boyd Tinsley’s “Faces in the Mirror”, MAJ Films’ documentary “Black and White and Dead All Over”, “The Frankenstein Theory, “Mikey Boy”, The Shadow Box Film Festival, early films from Trey Parker and Jams Gunn and others.

Feiler is well-regarded as a longtime senior PR professional.

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