Ketchum Fired By Russia? Or Ketchum Fires Russia?

ketchum russian public relations
– Was Ketchum, One Of The World’s Largest Firms, Fired Or Did They Resign? –

While a few months back, Forbes Russian site, speculated that the Kremlin may fire one of the world’s largest Public Relations firms, Ketchum, today PR Week reports that “Ketchum has ended the bulk of its work for the Russian Federation in the US and Europe amid continuing tensions between the country and Western governments.” PR Week’s headline reads “Ketchum calls it quits on Russia work.”

Previous reports by Reporter Tess VandenDolder based in Washington, D.C. claimed Russia was going to fire Ketchum.

Speculation at the time noted, “Now, due to Russia’s ongoing military conflict with Ukraine and the increase in sanctions from both Russia and the U.S., the Ketchum contract is no longer benefiting anybody. Putin’s actions can no longer be justified to the American public through a simply op-ed in the New York Times, and companies simply cannot invest in a Russia that is implementing sanctions against them, no matter how many business meetings Ketchum sets up.”

“This will likely only be a brief hiatus for Russia’s American PR, and there are a number of firms here in Washington willing to work with unsavory foreign characters, should Putin decide to end things with Ketchum permanently.”

Inquiring minds want to know – who fired who. We appreciate any tips – email us at if you have any information!

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