Ketner Group Profile

Ketner Group Profile

Located in Austin, Texas, Ketner Group Communications works alongside clients throughout Canada, the UK, and the US with specialist services in public relations, content development and social media. The Ketner Group prides themselves on their ability to create trustworthy and credible long-term relationships with media contacts, analysts and industry experts alike.

Ketner Group employees treat their clients as members of the team, integrating directly with their marketing and PR strategies to act as a seamless extension of a modern team.

Ketner Group Leadership and Clients

The Ketner Group work alongside clients from a multitude of backgrounds, including the grocery and hospitality verticals, retail, apparel and more. The home hub for the company is in the US, but the Ketner Group also has offices in 18 countries around the world – they serve retailers and shoppers across the globe with clients that transform the way that brands, retailers, and manufacturers think.

The man behind the Ketner Group strategy is Jeff Ketner – the founder and president of the PR and media relations brand. Jeff acts as a president working closely alongside his team and clients in the PR world. Over the years, Jeff’s industry knowledge was fantastic in helping to guide the company towards successes in the world of editing, analyzing and influencing media.

The Ketner Group has a broad roster of clients including DisplayData, Bold Metrics, 360 PI, and Dynamic Action among others.

Ketner Group Perks and Problems

Those interested in becoming a part of the Ketner Group team should show a strong knowledge for writing, social media and PR. Ketner Group employees are also required to be dynamic and motivated with experience handling a host of client relationships and business strategies.

Ketner Group Services

As an end-to-end marketing and PR company, the Ketner Group prides itself on offering clients a wide selection of services all the way from brand story creation to content development. The company is particularly strong in storytelling and they believe that telling the right story is critical to building a strong company through content marketing and social media. Some of the services that the Ketner Group specialize in include:

  • Media relations and strategy – engaging with audiences for their customers
  • Content development – creating content strategies and marketing solutions for Ketner Group clients
  • Social media – In a constantly evolving digital world – the Ketner group believe that a strong social media strategy is important for reputation management and growth
  • Award support – The Ketner group constantly places their customers in front of the media in the best situations to help give them the glow they need to thrive.

Getting a Job with the Ketner Group

Like many modern PR and marketing companies, the Ketner Group frequently finds itself searching for new talent to help them grow their organization. The latest information about jobs at the Ketner Group is available on the website blog, where they reveal job descriptions for the upcoming roles at various offices across the globe.

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