How to Stop Your Kids Watching the Wrong Things on the Internet

Parental Advisory

Managing what content your children view on the Internet does not have to be a tricky business. There are a number of ways you can do this yourself. If you don’t understand computers very well you may consider getting reliable and fixed cost computer support, to assist you on a regular basis. This article outlines some measures you can take. Some which are very interesting indeed.

  • Internet Settings. Each computer system will have inbuilt computer settings for you to manage the level of content. Use this as your primary measure, however, it is highly likely your children know how to manipulate your computer more than you do. Simple changes can be made to contain the level of explicit content that is allowed on your computer. This is only a simple measure and you will also need to set up different accounts on your computer. Make yours being the primary or administrator account, and make sure that is the only account that can manipulate these settings. Your children may still find ways around this.
  • Install Parenting Software. There are a number of programs that you can install to control the content that you allow to be viewed on your computer. You can install this kind of program and set it to manage the level of content that you wish to allow as well as targeting specific WebPages that you wish to stop from loading. A password will be needed to change these setting. This is another good option for controlling the content, and your children may still find ways around them, depending on the skill level of their computer knowledge.
  • Key Logger & Usage Logging. These programs are great if you want to know exactly what your children are doing, whether you are there or not. These programs keep track of exactly each keystroke your child makes and exactly what webpages they have been viewing. Some even have full-screen viewing options. It is a good idea to install one of these programs without their knowledge and that way they will do what they normally do thinking that you have no idea what is going on. Kids are very good at switching the page when you walk in the room. Now you will know if they are really spending all that time doing their homework. You can set these programs to email you the information without the user’s knowledge or even watch live online. You could be sitting in your lounge room and be monitoring your child’s computer usage on your smart-phone without their knowledge. A great way to see how much they are lying to you. Make sure they are not doing this to you! Note that many companies use this method and your boss may be doing it to you. It is often hard to find out if this type of program is running on your computer as the processes are hidden. The best of these types of programs will run unnoticed even after some system detective work.
  • Virus & Malware. Always use good Malware and other anti-virus software to protect your computer because they may be visiting websites that are harmful for your computer. This will also lessen your need for computer repairs.

Keep your computer and your children’s use under your control.

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