The City of Knoxville and the Knoxville Police Department are seeking proposals from knowledgeable and qualified marketing firms to provide comprehensive multimedia communication and marketing/branding campaign to increase recruiting for law enforcement officers. Following nationwide trends, the number of individuals applying for positions with local law enforcement agencies has declined in recent years. While the work of being a law enforcement officer has many benefits, perceived barriers exist for potential employees. The firm shall create branding and design standards that include marketing and communications materials, a timeline for brand launch and implementation, and marketing strategies. Marketing strategies may include but are not limited to: social media, radio, television, print, sponsorship, and other forms of promotion. Specific materials and strategies shall be developed for recruiting from minority and female populations.

The City anticipates a contract being awarded as soon as practicable following the evaluation of proposals with contract term ending on June 30, 2020.


The City of Knoxville is a beautiful and vibrant city in East Tennessee covering 101 square miles and home to approximately 180,000 residents. Knoxville is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The city is conveniently located just off I-40 and I-75 in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The Downtown district offers walkability that allows people to explore and discover local music, historic sites, parks, greenways, and much more.

The Knoxville Police Department, like many other law enforcement agencies around the nation, has struggled in recent years to attract an abundance of qualified applicants. One of the most challenging issues currently facing law enforcement agencies is recruiting, selecting, and retaining both sworn and professional staff. Given the current climate of the law enforcement profession, recruiting the next generation of police officers has proven to be more difficult than ever. Law enforcement agencies in East Tennessee are competing for the same diminishing pool of applicants.

The City’s current hiring process consists of posting job announcements on the City of Knoxville’s website, social media, and other local media outlets. Career and job fairs have been the cornerstone of police recruiting efforts. The Department has continued to use these and other outreach strategies to attract candidates, such as advertising in magazines, professional social networking, traditional job fairs, and proactive community partnerships. The fact remains that the Knoxville Police Department continues to struggle with losing police officers either to other agencies or due to retirement. The City seeks creative solutions to solve the issue of recruiting and retaining quality officers.

Scope of Work:

The City of Knoxville and the Knoxville Police Department are seeking proposals from responsible and qualified marketing firms to develop a comprehensive multimedia communications marketing/branding campaign designed to enhance the department’s recruiting efforts. The following scope of services is intended to serve as a general guide to the work the Department expects to be performed, and is not a complete listing of all services that may be required or desired. Proposing firms are encouraged to propose recommendations that will best serve the Department’s need for an enhanced recruiting brand. The selected firm shall work closely with the Knoxville Police Department’s Recruitment Team on these efforts.

The following work tasks are assumed necessary to provide such advertising and marketing services. Proposing firms may suggest a modified scope as part of their proposal.

                1. Design a brand identity for the Knoxville Police Department that can be easily and effectively utilized across multiple graphic identity applications and communicative mediums such as signs, letterhead, social media, marketing materials, websites, etc.

                2. Create and provide a detailed strategy with timeline for the recommended scope and deliverables.

                3. Develop creative marketing elements that include design concepts, logos, messages, tagline, brand, and other products that uniquely represent the Knoxville Police Department.

                4. Develop graphic representations of the brand for use across all mediums including, but not limited to: business cards, billboards, newsletters, brochures, social media and other marketing materials. Provide samples of previous work with proposal submission.

                5. Develop an advertising plan to include, but not limited to, website, video production, and social media. The campaign shall utilize traditional media (billboards, television, print materials, etc.) and social media outlets. Selected firm shall not implement plan; implementation shall be at the sole discretion of the City.

                6. Provide professional photos (department image/branding) and videos (recruitment videos, commercials). The Knoxville Police Department shall make officers available, as needed, for photo/video shooting at a mutually agreed upon time. Any video production shall be suitable for   multiple social media platforms such as, but not limited to, YouTube, Facebook, Television, and Twitter. Selected firm shall be responsible for the filming/production of photography and videos; use of such items shall be at the sole discretion of the City.

                7. Conduct market research to determine the most effective messaging and advertising platforms and placements.

                8. Provide strategies for marketing to diverse candidates for employment (i.e. minorities and females).

                9. Provide online recruiting campaign to include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine         Marketing, YouTube Advertising, Gmail Email Campaign, Social Media Advertising


City of Knoxville

Purchasing Division

City/County Building

Room 667-674

400 Main Street

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Edelman PR.

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