The City of Bowie, Maryland is requesting proposals for conducting Lobbying Services on behalf of the City of Bowie for the calendar year 2020. The City of Bowie seeks responses from individuals/firms with a proven track record in advocacy/lobbying with the State of Maryland to assist in developing and successfully pursuing the City’s legislative priorities. The City of Bowie requires a well-managed and financially sound Consultant with demonstrated skills and technical ability, high levels of customer service, responsiveness, and satisfaction, to fulfill the requirements outlined in this RFP.

The primary focus of the Consultant is to assist the City of Bowie with improving its efforts to influence legislation, capture revenues available to local government and assist the City of Bowie in identifying, applying for and receiving competitive grants, earmarks, and other discretionary funding available to meet municipal objectives. The City of Bowie also seeks to be apprised of proposed legislative action that could be perceived as a threat to its municipal services or authority. Legislatives threats would be promptly reported to the City of Bowie with a recommendation for action.


The City of Bowie is located in the east central portion of Prince George’s County Maryland. The City comprises approximately 18 square miles with an estimated population of 58,682. Housing consists of over 18,000 single-family units and over 2,000 multifamily units. There are twelve existing retail centers in the City consisting of over 2.4 million square feet of retail space. There are nine public elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school located within the City limits. 

The City provides municipal services including the Public Works, Planning and Community Development, Water and Sewer Services, Senior Center, Gymnasium, Ice Arena, Field Sports, Local Museums, Municipal Finance, Information Technology, Police, Code Enforcement, Economic Development, Grants Administration, Cable and Telecommunications Regulation, ROW Management, Solar and Environmental Sustainability, Video Production Studio, Animal Control, Trash and Recycling Collection, Youth and Family Services, Community Playhouse, Stormwater 2 Management, Park Maintenance, Snow Removal, Emergency Management, 911 and Police Dispatch, Permitting, Historic Properties, Street Lighting, and more.

The City of Bowie is the largest municipality in Prince George’s County and fifth largest in the State. The City of Bowie continues to grow because of its desirable location and high quality municipal services. With a broad offering of municipal services the City is susceptible to many changes in the regulatory environment of the State. Bowie also has portions of the City which are experiencing the effects of aging public infrastructure, which places demands on the City’s limited resources.

Scope of Work:

The City of Bowie Lobbyist would report directly to the Bowie City Council and the City Manager. The City of Bowie is seeking a qualified consultant to provide Lobbying Services. It is anticipated that specific lobbying tasks and responsibilities will be more specifically defined by the scope of services agreement between the City and the Consultant. However, the Consultant should have the direct experience necessary to provide services that include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

1.   Monitoring – Consultant shall serve as a reliable and consistent conduit of information to and from the State Legislature; monitor and provide regular reports, both orally and in writing, on current legislation, the state budget process, or any congressional events that may directly or indirectly impact the City of Bowie. Firm should work closely with the City Council and City Manager to assist in developing the City’s legislative priorities and identifying current needs. Frequent contact should be made with Members of State Legislature and their staff, as well as state agency staff on matters concerning the development of future legislation and regulations impacting the City of Bowie. Said contact shall keep policy makers aware of the potential effect of specific legislation and regulations relative to the City’s interests.

2.   Bill Tracking – Consultant shall obtain and monitor all bills, legislative action, etc. As such, copies of all bills and amendments that are determined to have an impact on the legislative and regulatory interests of the agency should be forwarded to the City of Bowie.

3.   Legislative Advocacy – The City of Bowie’s position on key legislative action shall be transmitted to State Legislature and staff, as well as state agencies and other interest groups (as appropriate). This may be accomplished through personal discussions with delegation members, agency representatives, direct lobbying of legislators, meeting with state agencies and other interest groups represented at the State level, testifying at appropriate policy and fiscal committees and agency hearings, orchestrating statements of legislators, prepare and send letters notifying appropriate officials and agencies of the City of Bowie’s position and drafting announcements.

4.   Coordination of Legislative/Regulatory Efforts – Consultant shall work with the City of Bowie in the coordination of a legislative/regulatory program, which includes the development of legislative/regulatory positions and platforms as well as drafting proposed legislation when appropriate. The Consultant shall strive to coordinate the City’s perspective with other associates as appropriate. Design and implement a strategy, in consultation with the City that raises the consciousness and awareness of issues relating to the City of Bowie with State lawmakers

5.   Enhance Intergovernmental Relationships – Design and implement a strategy, in consultation with the City to broaden and improve direct communication of the City with the State. Assist in the development of relationships with key legislators, regulatory agencies, and State agencies, consistent with policy objectives. Develop strong connections with other agencies and state membership organizations to support mutual goals as identified.

6.   Establish an Active Presence – Consultant shall actively establish a strong identity and presence in Annapolis on behalf of the City of Bowie. This effort shall be reinforced by involvement in the political, regulatory actions on behalf of this organization. Additionally, on-site visits to the City shall be made upon reasonable notice and request to Consultant along with a presentation to the City Council regarding state issues as requested.

7.   State Budget Issues – Focus efforts of supporting the City of Bowie’s appropriations requests and legislative objectives during the final phases of State Legislature action on spending and authorization legislation, including coordinating additional meetings with relevant Members State Legislature, or staff in support of the City’s objectives (as appropriate).

Due Date:

December 10


Office of the City Manager

Bowie City Hall

15901 Excalibur Road

Bowie, Maryland 20716

Relevant agencies worth considering include MWW PR and Edelman PR.

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