Redesigned, Adds Features to Enhance Brand Visibility for SMBs

After several weeks of beta testing, has released a new version of its platform with key new feature, “Insight.” The new platform aims to give professionals a voice to share important ideas with the right audience, as way to increase their visibility online, according to Guillaume Decugis, co-founder and CEO of

The new and enhanced

Users can now enjoy a range of enhanced and new components in the latest platform version:

  • Insight: The aptly named “Insight” feature allows a user to quickly enrich and personalize any article, video or image they post to their networks with personal commentary and unique perspective. Instead of simply being able to comment on a piece of content, the user’s Insight is highlighted and is customizable using a Wysiwyg-style editor – allowing users to add/edit images, edit its layout and give meaningful context to the content they curate.
  • User Experience:’s sleek, sophisticated responsive design and user experience update creates a better environment for users to be discovered by an audience with similar interests.
  • Redesigned bookmarklet: Praised by the community as the simplest way to curate any Web content to one’s topic page, the bookmarklet also becomes a Wysiwyg editor giving even greater control while keeping it fast and easy.
  • Community: The new builds community through relationships and interests without the noise found on social networks.’s community feature shows the user’s social connections from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and if those connections are on, which topics they are curating.
  • Notifications: The new notification functionality encourages content discovery through the social graph and provides updates on the user’s community. Notifications are also more accessible by being hosted permanently on the user’s homepage.
  • Social Sign In: Professionals with LinkedIn accounts can now leverage their existing presence on the LinkedIn website by signing into with their LinkedIn credentials and seamlessly sharing content with their contacts and professional groups. Facebook and Twitter sign in is also available.
  • Redesigned Content Suggestions:’s content recommendation algorithm makes it easy for users to never fall short of inspiration.’s new rollout follows its recent partnerships with SlideShare, Hootsuite and Buffer, which allow users to optimize  social media publishing. officials forecast that it is on a steady growth path with over five million unique visitors per month in just one year since public launch in November and averaging 1,500 new daily registrants.

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