Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Issues RFP For Global Marketing

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Issues RFP For Global Marketing Program

The Los Angeles County (County) Sheriff’s Department (Department) is seeking information from vendors who can implement a timely and multifaceted marketing plan, and provide ongoing tracking and evaluation of the plan’s progress.


The County encompasses an area of 4,083 square miles with a population of nearly 10 million. The Department provides general and specialized law enforcement services to approximately five million of these residents, spanning an area of approximately 3,157 square miles.

The Department is comprised of, in part, 23 patrol stations across four patrol divisions. Each patrol station has an independent detective bureau. In addition, there are seven centralized detective bureaus and multiple other detective units within the Special Operations Division, Court Services Division, and Custody Division. The Department fields more than 5,000 patrol officers and 1,500 detectives across the County.

The Department’s mission is to prevent crime and preserve a high quality of life for County residents. The Department also responds promptly to emergencies and disasters, maintains order at public events, demonstrations, and civil disturbances, and partners with local communities to provide safety. The Department desires to promote trust between its personnel and the communities they serve. Mutual trust between the Department’s law enforcement professionals and the community is essential to ensuring crimes are reported and witnesses provide information. The Sheriff has placed a critical emphasis on building this trust. The Department is committed to its mission while treating every citizen with courtesy, professionalism, respect, and impartiality.

The Sheriff is an elected County official who serves as the chief law enforcement officer of the County. The Sheriff enforces Federal, State, and local laws in the County unincorporated areas, as well as in hospitals, museums, office buildings, parks and other County property, and provides law enforcement and security for the Los Angeles Superior Courts. Moreover, the Sheriff provides traffic and general law enforcement services under contract to the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (METROLINK), the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Community Colleges, and more than 40 cities. The Sheriff operates and maintains the County Jail System, inclusive of inmate transportation services within the County, provides bailiffs and security to the courts, and serves civil and criminal processes as dictated by the courts. In addition, the Department provides housing, supervision and care for an average daily population of approximately 17,000 inmates located within seven custody facilities.

Scope of Work:

The goals of this project are to:

  • Strategically guide and create a comprehensive internal and external public and employee-relations (marketing) effort by the Department;
  • Provide its Sworn Staffing and Recruitment offices with the tools necessary to educate the public about how the Department fulfills its core mission and by doing so, support the recruitment of highly qualified deputy sheriff candidates across a diverse demographic population on an ongoing basis;
  • Create marketing strategies and materials that support the Department’s priority of recruiting and retaining highly qualified personnel;
  • Establish internal narrative and media that supports the message of dynamic opportunities and a culture of family;
  • Establish external narrative and media that positively educates and stimulates public interest in the complex nature of policing;
  • Simultaneously and immediately execute a go-to-market advertising placement with an existing library of creative assets;
  • Implement the various marketing materials across a broad spectrum of public and private communication platforms;
  • Attract highly qualified law enforcement candidates during peak recruitment seasons; and,
  • Establish a cohesive organizational brand and voice that flows between external (public) and internal (employee) narratives.

Due Date:

August 16th


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Office of the Sheriff, 8th Floor

211 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Attention: Carol Lin

Agencies with a strong LA presence include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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