Louisiana Tourism Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

Louisiana Tourism Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism has issued a Marketing and Advertising RFP. The DCRT is responsible for the statewide development and implementation of cultural, recreational, and tourism programs, including the development, maintenance, and operation of library, park, recreation, museum and other cultural facilities and programs. La. R.S. 36:201.

The DCRT consists of several agencies, or “offices,” including the Office of Tourism (“LOT”), Office of Cultural Development, Office of the State Museum, Office of the State Library, Office of the Secretary, Office of State Parks and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.

The LOT serves as the lead agency for external communications and marketing of the Louisiana tourism brand. The mission of the Programs and Services Section of the Office of Tourism is to oversee advertising and publicity for the tourism assets of the state of Louisiana; to design, produce and distribute advertising materials in all media; and to reach as many potential tourists as possible with an invitation to visit Louisiana.

This RFP seeks:

Component 1: Creative/Marketing/Media/Brand Identity Component 2: Public Relations Component 3: Internet/Social Media/Digital Marketing

The purpose of dividing the work into three components is to provide the State greater access to the most creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial Proposers.

Goals and Objectives:

– To market, promote and showcase Louisiana as a travel destination;

– To increase revenue generated by the tourism industry;

– To contribute to the economic impact of tourism in all 64 parishes;

– To position Louisiana as:

A destination with a plethora of indigenous music genres; A culinary destination; The “Festival Capital of the World”; An outdoor enthusiast’s dream; The nation’s most distinctive cultural experience; A retirement destination (Retire Louisiana Style) To use effective communications and marketing strategies to increase the effectiveness, public awareness and/or impact of the programs and activities of the OLG/DCRT.

Proposal due by Oct. 6, 2016 to:

Office of the Lieutenant Governor Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism Office of Tourism Capitol Annex, Third Floor
1051 N. Third St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
P.O. Box 94291 Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-8100

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