Marketing 2.0: What Does This Mean for PR Professionals?

marketing 2.0

To succeed in the public relations field, agents need to have the natural ability to present brands in the best light to the public. In other words, PR agents need to know how to market the products they represent. This includes promoting their clients’ products and services and doing research to learn market needs and trends. PR specialists must also learn to develop one-of-a-kind campaigns to attract target groups.

Understanding Marketing 2.0

Marketing 2.0 provides public relations specialists with the extra edge they need to outdo competitors. This includes not just competing communications, marketing and PR agencies, but also competitors of their clients. Using Marketing 2.0’s new strategies helps professionals and the companies they represent to build bigger, better brands by increasing visibility.

Marketing 2.0 refers to a collection of new marketing ideas which emerged from the internet era. The term first became popular in the early to mid-2000s, alongside the Web 2.0 concept. Today, professionals frequently use the term to refer to new approaches to marketing products in this competitive market.

These experts belong to a new breed of marketers, who primarily use the internet. Thus, they view TV, newspapers and radio as secondary means of promoting products and services. The preference for online mediums centers on the belief that in order to connect with your customers, you need to hang out where they do. And increasingly, the internet is becoming that hang-out spot.

The Popularity and Effectiveness of Marketing 2.0

As a testament to its effectiveness, many Fortune 500 companies now use this method of marketing. They create several advertising campaigns that leverage the internet as a connection point, rather than as a tool for sending one-way messages. In essence, social media marketing offers a revolutionary way to build solid relationships with buyers long before the first point of contact.

Still, Marketing 2.0 involves more than just socializing online. This new strategy also requires experts to understand and use digital analytics and metrics. This provides companies and their professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to track website traffic as well as the impact of digital campaigns and promotions.

Key Marketing 2.0 Strategies

Read on below to see what Marketing 2.0 strategies successful companies use to get ahead in today’s market.

Build Relationships on Social Media

Many companies use social media platforms to push their brands. Often times social media managers operate in a separate vacuum from the rest of the marketing team. In fact, there still exists some marketing professionals who refuse to accept social media marketing as “real” marketing.

Companies who integrate social media marketing into their campaign strategies share more consistent messages with their audience. On a whole, social media marketing also helps companies to stay connected with followers, and to openly respond to questions and comments.

Content Blogging and Affiliates

Creating content blogs helps professionals make a name for the brand they represent. Writing content blogs long expanded beyond the confines of merely using official company websites. In fact, many companies commission blog writers to post content sponsoring or reviewing their brand. Content writing boosts PageRank and improves visibility.

Still, it is important to not overwhelm consumers with information about a company. Stick to the 80/20 rule of 80% regular content and 20% promotional content. This helps companies to keep the waning attention span of this new generation.

Submitting Press Releases Online

Marketing professionals no longer limit themselves to mailing press releases to relevant outlets. This alone can no longer help brands gain more traction and press. Sending press releases online helps brands gain momentum at the fastest rate possible. Use this method to get others talking about your brand. It also gives you access to a large network of official websites and blogs looking for content and brands to feature.

The more companies incorporate marketing 2.0 strategies into their marketing plan, the easier it becomes to reach their target markets. But, don’t take our word for it. Try these strategies now to improve your brand or those you represent.

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