Maryland Department of Health Issues Marketing RFP

Maryland Department of Health Issues Marketing RFP

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH or the Department), Prevention and Health Promotion Administration, Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control (CTPC) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to award a company to provide outreach, materials development and distribution, and marketing services for the promotion of the 10th anniversary of the Maryland Clean Indoor Air Law, as well as to extend the reach of a youth e-cigarette prevention campaign.


Maryland recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Clean Indoor Air Law, also referred to as Clean Air Maryland. Since February 1, 2008, when the law took effect, Maryland residents have been protected from secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace, restaurants, bars, and indoor public spaces. Through services provided by the selected Offeror, the CTPC would like to celebrate this landmark anniversary year with events, such as press conferences, school/community activities, and the like, as well as develop and distribute outreach materials statewide, including to restaurants and bars. Additionally, CTPC wants to recognize that this 10-year anniversary marks Maryland’s first ‘smoke-free generation’ – 5th grade students who have not been exposed to secondhand smoke in restaurants in their lifetimes.

Tobacco products continue to evolve and Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs) – aka e-cigarettes, vapes, usb-like devices, etc. – have taken over the market, especially with youth and young adult users. The U.S. Surgeon General has provided evidence that children and youth should not use or be exposed to these products as nicotine impairs brain development. There is also a misperception that ESDs emit harmless water vapor when in fact these emissions are an aerosol that can contain harmful chemicals. CTPC has developed a campaign – “The Vape Experiment” – to combat myths about ESDs, especially among youth and young adults. To promote the launch of this campaign and drive youth to the interactive website, CTPC is requesting services to provide outreach materials to schools and other youth serving organizations across the state.

Scope of Work:

Event Planning and Execution:

The selected Offeror shall plan and coordinate all aspects of state and community events for the 10th Anniversary of the Clean Indoor Air Law and the first ‘smoke-free generation.’ The selected Offeror shall plan at least one (1) large statewide event and at least two (2) smaller scale events during the contract period. Events shall be in conjunction with existing milestones, such as back-to-school, ‘quitting season’ (e.g, Great American Smokeout, New Year’s resolutions), etc. The selected Offeror is encouraged to identify and partner with entities throughout the state for such events, e.g., restaurants, community organizations, relevant associations, local health departments, and the like.


The selected Offeror shall provide outreach to various entities throughout the state to celebrate 10 years of smoke-free environments and the first smoke-free generation; and separately promote awareness of the youth and young adult e-cigarette prevention campaign. It shall be the responsibility of the selected Offeror to coordinate and serve as the liaison for all outreach.

Smoke-free Air:

Using creative developed by CTPC’s existing media contractor, the selected Offeror shall print and mail/distribute materials, such as window adhesives, signs and other items proposed by the selected Offeror appropriate for the restaurant environment. It will be the responsibility of the selected Offeror to compile a distribution list for Maryland restaurants/bars. The final list must be approved by CTPC prior to the selected Offeror mailing materials to restaurants/bars.

The Vape Experiment:

Using creative developed by CTPC’s existing media contractor, the selected Offeror shall print and distribute outreach materials, such as posters, laptop clings, and other relevant materials proposed by the selected Offeror to effectively reach youth and young adults to further messaging of this new e-cigarette prevention campaign. Materials shall be distributed to schools, local health departments, and to other entities and at events, as proposed by the selected Offeror. CTPC encourages the selected Offeror to coordinate with partners to expand the reach of The Vape Experiment.

Outreach Material Production:

The selected Offeror shall be responsible for production and printing of all materials to be provided at events, outreach, and by request from restaurants, bars, local health departments and other partners. In consultation with CTPC, the selected Offeror shall provide outreach materials that may include items such as information packets, posters, window adhesives, postcards, tote bags, coasters, pens, napkins, etc. A list of materials, including quantity, size, style, paper, and other production details shall be provided by the selected Offeror.

Added Value:

The selected Offeror shall provide at least one (1) additional added value component – e.g., interviews, news story, newsletter mentions, etc. – in which messaging can be further promoted.

Specification Recommendations and Edits:

The selected Offeror shall provide minor text and image edits to any creative files provided by CTPC, as requested.

High-resolution and workable files will be made available to the selected Offeror upon award. All edits must be approved by CTPC in writing. Approval may also be required by higher government authorities; potential final edits required by this review process will be the responsibility of the selected Offeror. Final approval must be received from CTPC prior to finalizing and printing materials. Once edits have been completed and approved by the Department, the selected Offeror shall ensure files are as “camera-ready” artwork in the specifications necessary for printing.

Due Date:

May 29th


Maryland Department of Health

201 W. Preston Street / 3rd Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attention: Michele G. Ferges

PR firms with strong healthcare experience includes 5WPR and Coyne PR.

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