Last Minute Travel Issues Public Relations RFP

Last Minute Travel Issues Public Relations RFP

Last Minute Travel has issued an RFP for a Public Relations Agency. The company is the result of a merger between a consumer facing website and one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of travel product, Tourico Holidays. For 22 years, what started as a husband and wife startup has become a growing global travel brokerage company. Directly contracting with travel providers, such as hotel chains, cruise lines, attractions and more, Tourico Holidays works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to international businesses using proprietary technology. Through global distribution, unique opportunities and cutting-edge technology, Tourico Holidays provides its clients with incremental growth while lowering the cost of transactions.

In 1994, Tourico CEO Uri Argov and his wife took their entire savings of $19,000 and started Tourico Holidays from their walk-in closet. Since that initial investment 22 years ago, Tourico Holidays has grown into a $1.4+ billion company. From one office in Sanford, Florida, Tourico has expanded to 39+ offices worldwide in 5 continents with a combined 770 employees and counting between the B2B team (Tourico) and the B2C team (Last Minute Travel). CEO Uri Argov set out to bring the benefits of his wholesale company directly to the public. Through his merger with Last Minute Travel, Last Minute Travel quickly became one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable online travel agencies. Last Minute Travel delivers the most extensive and thorough travel search, offering hotels, commercial flights and charter flights, cruises, rental cars, vacation homes, vacation packages and trip activities to make your travel planning as swift as possible.

Whether booking for the last possible moment or for months in advance, Last Minute Travel is linked with 175 airlines and offers 120,000+ hotels and 10,000+ activities in over 4,500 cities worldwide, connecting travelers to unique travel experiences at any price. The buying power of Tourico Holidays and the technology of Last Minute Travel, grew to include Last Minute Travel Club – a member only website offering even deeper discounts to the consumers. Last Minute Travel Club works closely with various businesses of all sizes to provide affordable travel as a benefit to their employees and their customers. Whether it is traditional B2C consumers or B2B2C relations, Last Minute Travel works every day to make travel affordable for those who may not have been able to afford it otherwise.

Last Minute Travel Situation Analysis:

  • Last Minute Travel is looking to increase brand awareness for its holdings on a national, mass-market level while also converting consumers into buyers.
  • Last Minute Travel offers consumers savings up to 65% on travel product through its member-only website channel
  • Last Minute Travel’s membership platform LMT Club is looking to increase its corporate offerings to the nation’s largest brands as it has with Sam’s Club, American Airlines, NASA etc.
  • With strong product offerings in both North America and Europe, Last Minute Travel looks for partners with equally strong footing on both continents- focusing on North America in2017 and Europe in 2018.
  • Technology is at the core of the Last Minute Travel business model- from its mobile app, business intelligence, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and other first to market consumer offerings.
  • Last Minute Travel highly values strong analytics reporting and campaign tracking by its marketing partners- analytics that provide clear correlations between marketing efforts and conversions.

Deadline is February 1st for proposals to:

Michelle Turner
Promotional Marketing/ PR Manager
Last Minute Travel

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