Mending Hearts of Social Media Overload this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day everything-pr

With the past few months having been riddled with stories of infidelity, maybe we could learn a lesson or two from the likes of Tiger Woods and John Edwards this Valentine’s Day. Cherish your loved ones, and maybe even find a way to make up on this romantic holiday. Taking the time to step away from the stress of daily living may be all it takes for the two of you to rekindle your love for each other.

Whether you’re the one that messed up, or you’re the one in a forgiving spirit, add some true meaning to Valentine’s Day this year. It’s a sentiment that I hoped would prevail over the winter holiday season, as Thanksgiving 2009 will forever be associated with the indiscretions of Tiger Woods. Throughout the entirety of Christmastime, Tiger managed to stay in the news with the constant delve into his personal life.

The social media machine didn’t help much. The ability for socially-driven media outlets to spread news quickly made us all hyper-aware of what was going on in the lives of Tiger Woods and John Edwards. That same level of viral spreading can be applied to anyone these days. Intimate information posted about you can spread throughout your own social networks online, leaving you with little control over how that information is being used.

While the hyper-sharing of information can be great for spreading news through individuals’ online networks, it can also take away from our ability to remember what’s really important about a given situation. These days, our social networks have become our hubs for reading news, keeping in touch with friends, working, and entertainment. In this way, our social networks have a high potential of being involved with the stress of our daily lives.

Remove yourself and your partner from the stress of whatever caused your spat in the first place, and take the time to appreciate the little things. Instead of letting Valentine’s Day also become corroded with the constant drama of other people’s downtrodden love lives, find away to concentrate on what’s going on in your own life. It’s amazing how effective this can be.

This is even a great exercise for those that don’t need to make up for Valentine’s Day. Moving beyond the holiday all together, it’s a sentiment that can be applied to anyone at any time. It’s preached to us day in and day out how important it is for us to get away every so often, especially with the whirlwind of media that engulfs us on a daily basis. But we still forget to slow down sometimes. Use Valentine’s Day as your excuse. We commend PR firms including Ketchum PR, MWW PR & Hunter PR who held fun events during Valentine’s Day.

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