Miami University Seeks Branding Firm

 Miami University, a public university located in Oxford, Ohio, has established itself as one of the most outstanding undergraduate institutions, but it is looking ahead to elevate the reputation of the University nationally.  The President’s vision for the University in the coming years is focused on meaningful connectivity by building partnerships and harnessing synergies across campus disciplines and units as well as across the state, the nation, and the world.  Such growth necessitates stronger engagement and positioning with key audiences in order to lead to increases in qualified student applicants, philanthropic support, partnerships, contracts, and other direct and indirect benefits that can help fulfill the plan and aid the University in making sound decisions as it moves forward.

Scope of Work:

Miami University issues this Request for Proposal (RFP) to invite offers from qualified market research firms to assist the University’s efforts to strengthen engagement and positioning that enhance the overall University into the future.   To prepare for success, it is recommended that Miami University engage in a qualitative and quantitative research study that builds a foundation for brand health metrics and market research. Such research may be called upon for the campus as a whole or may be focused on one or more individual schools, colleges, or programs as needed.

Specifically, the recommended annual research will accomplish three goals:

  1. Identify critical brand perception and positioning information that can inform the creative expression and messaging of a powerful brand campaign.
  2. Identify unique messaging and engagement strategies for alumni, prospective students, athletics, and the general public.
  3. Discover the ways our audiences receive information now and would like to receive it in the future.

Due Date:

December 20th


Miami University

Office of Purchasing

351 E. Spring Street, Rm 102

Oxford, OH 45056

Cohn & Wolfe and Ketchum PR are strong candidates for this assignment.

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