Minnesota State Lottery Seeking Marketing Company

minnesota state lottery rfp

The Minnesota State Lottery invests approximately $7,500,000 annually to drive awareness, favorability, and purchase intent among potential lottery players. Twenty-four percent of Lottery sales are contributed to the State of Minnesota each year representing a major source of funding for the State.

The lottery has issued a marketing RFP for strategic brand planning, creative planning, and media buying and optimization.

The number of new Lottery players in the younger adult demographic segment (ages 25-44) has decreased significantly in the last five years as new media and retail patterns have emerged. For many in this target segment, the fundamental appeal of the product is missing as they have new entertainment options, do not regularly carry cash, are not entering Lottery retailers as often, have less opportunity to play and, in some cases, have a misaligned perception of Lottery players.

At the same time, Lottery loyalists (ages 55+) are playing less as they retire and change routines. While sales have remained relatively steady overall, the Lottery needs to more quickly and efficiently increase awareness and purchase intent among younger adult consumers.

Accordingly, the Lottery has been progressively expanding non-traditional marketing channels (digital, social media, event marketing) and has made significant improvements in its digital footprint and relevant product portfolio. However, reaching and influencing potential players in an increasingly fragmented media environment with limited marketing dollars is a constant struggle.

The Lottery needs to optimize its investment through precision targeting strategies in both owned and earned media, continual optimization, and relevant break-through content. The Lottery wants to work with a visionary and innovative team to create and test new strategies and creative platforms supported by strong strategic rationale.

The Lottery team seeks an agency that can take a leadership role and provide the following:

  • Expertise and understanding of best practices for marketing to the emerging player segment (ages 25-44) that can be applied to development of relevant and innovative marketing and product strategies.
  • Digital thought leadership and understanding of multi-channel interaction and consumer usage trends across both owned and earned channels.
  • Maximum media buying efficiency based on sound, data-based precision targeting and optimization techniques.
  • Holistic support and integration across channels and disciplines in development of comprehensive program deliverables, everything from strategic planning to ticket design.

The Lottery seeks an agency to serve all aspects of marketing.  Proposals are due by January 15, 2016 and should be submitted to: Carolyn Ross, Purchasing Manager,  Minnesota State Lottery,  2645 Long Lake Road Roseville, MN 55113, E-mail: carolynr@mnlottery.com

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