Mississippi Issues Marketing RFP

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The Office of AccelerateMS is seeking a Marketing and Communications Consultant/Agency to perform a wide range of basic communication activities to support the creation and expansion of the newly formed organization.


Accelerate MS is the leading office for workforce development strategy and delivery in Mississippi. We’re here to connect Mississippians to economic opportunity by expanding best practices in workforce readiness and career training to meet current and emerging employment opportunities.

Accelerate MS strives to align educational, training, and economic development initiatives to position Mississippi and Mississippians with diverse, productive, and well-paying employment. We serve Mississippians by providing awareness of pathways and resources to improve lives through training and education. By doing this, we serve the needs of business and industry. Scope of Work:


● High-level strategic planning and development to achieve AccelerateMS overarching goals

● Identify key audiences and messaging goals for different audiences

● Develop strategies and mediums to effectively communicate targeted messages


● Work with staff to maintain and improve AccelerateMS platforms (Website, Facebook, Instagram,


● Design media to support AccelerateMS, including visual content (photographs, short videos,

graphic design, infographics) for web and social media, event promotion, and presentation templates

● Develop and manage email and/or other platform(s) for blast messaging


● Work to ensure that core messages are consistent throughout all communication. Writing/Editing:

● Break down complex information into smaller pieces that are understandable.

● Develop content for social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

● Draft communication pieces for emails, talking points, e-newsletters and/or articles, and social


● Develop promotional materials that document and tell the story of AccelerateMS

● Make revisions, enhancements, updates as needed


● Coordinate partnerships with high visibility social media partners for takeovers and other

collaborations to promote content and engagement

● Work with the AccelerateMS office and partners to support creative and innovative

communications strategies. Sustainability Planning

Skills & Abilities:

● Excellent writing and editing skills.

● Ability to write and design content for a variety of different formats and for different intended


● Track-record of success working with online media

● Expertise with standard software/cloud products: Excel, Word, PowerPoint; Google Suite;

MailChimp; Adobe Design Suite

● Graphic design and page layout skills.

Due Date: August 1

Address: To be considered, please submit the following to Guy Martin at guymart@mdes.ms.gov

Relevant agencies include Finn Partners and Zeno Group.

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