MNS Publicity: A Conservative PR Company

MNS Publicity: A Conservative PR Company

MNS Publicity is a highly efficient and results-focused public relations company, known for providing a wide range of services to their clients. Over the years, this organization has built a renowned reputation for its ability to earn media attention for various conservative clients.

Further, they have worked alongside many of the best-selling authors in America, with more than 40 New York Times best-sellers in their client list.

MNS Publicity isn’t just an effective PR company because of the years of commitment and experience held by the team of Stephanie Marshal, Gwen Nappi, and Sandy Schulz. According to testimonials issued by their clients, this business is powerful because they get to know their customers in-depth, to deliver the bespoke promotional strategies they need.

Experts in the World of Print:

Professional, punctual, and efficient – this PR brand has earned their place in various high-caliber professional circles. Though MNS publicity offers support for a range of PR needs, they specialize in offering specifically-targeted campaigns for conservative books and the authors that write them. Combined, the experience of the three leaders in this team has led to the launch of more than 40 New York Times best-selling novels.

Some of the clients that MNS Publicity have worked with in their history include Dr. Ben Carson, Rodney Stark, Peter Schweitzer, and David Lefer. They’ve also contributed to the launch of books like Rebound: Getting America Back to Great by Kim R. Holmes, and The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes.

To support client promotion, MNS Publicity also works alongside numerous publication leaders in the print and online worlds, including the New York Post, the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and many more. They pitch editors and reporters in magazines all the way from the World Report, to Forbes, to help place crucial opinion pieces in the eyesight of the right readers.

Building Relationships with Conservative Leaders:

With a high niche focus on the PR industry, MNS Publicity has been able to build their reputation throughout the years, working with some of the best-known leaders in the USA. Since their brand launched, it has worked with various high-level organizations including the Manhattan Institute, the George W. Bush Institute, and the Catholic Voices USA Collective.

MNS Publicity offers a range of diverse services intended to help improve media attention for authors and help well-deserved writers get the support they need. They often concentrate their efforts on securing interviews with critical talk radio hosts and broadcast media companies, as well as internet publications, print newspapers, and influential bloggers.

MNS Publicity has a strong relationship with some of the highest-rated television channels in America, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Fox News on Sunday. They’ve also worked alongside The 700 Club, 60 Minutes, and Meet the Press. Today, MNS Publicity are continuing to build their reputation as a highly professional and dedicated group of PR experts dedicated to serving conservative authors and writers.

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