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There is hardly a thing you cannot do on a mobile phone these days. Smartphones have taken over the world, becoming the device of choice thanks to their diverse collection of apps, and the power behind their design.

Recently, I noticed a trend among my friends. They had stopped paying for actual internet service in their home, and instead relied on their smartphone plan’s web service. They claim it is saving them money, and they are still getting all that they need from the net. If they need something more extensive, they just head to the library or a net cafe to use the computers there.

While this would not work for many of us, it got me thinking about trends in the mobile market. What is happening in the world of hand held technology to trends in the cellular industry.

Mobile Trend #1 – Increase In “Discount” Smartphone Plans


Anyone who has looked over a discount mobile service (such as Walmart’s StraightTalk) will have seen an occasional offer of smartphones through their service. They are slightly out of date models, and nothing so high tech as an Apple. But you can find older Android models, and plenty of Nokia devices.

What makes these such a great alternative is the price of the plan themselves. While you will spend $200 on the phone, even refurbished, you will be able to pay around $45 for month for unlimited service. Including data plans.

This is a trend that is growing, thanks to the insanely high prices from companies like AT&T and Tmobile. Instead, discount plans use the same network (using StraightTalk as an example once again, they use Verizon’s), but for much less.

Providing competition for a rather large market of those not willing to pay $100+ per month for mobile service, you will be sure to see more of these in the future. Which might start driving other providers down in cost, as well.

Mobile Trend #2 – More Focus On Multimedia

Focus On Multimedia

Already, you are seeing phones that are more focused on providing alternate uses. Two common features are better MP3 and streaming video. You can now watch full movies on your iPhone, downloaded from iTunes. Which has made riding the train a very different experience, indeed.

Now that we also have other devices, such as tablets, to consider, smartphones are taking this to a whole new level. Even ereaders now have 4G networks, which further lights the fire in these products to offer something unique and advanced.

The quality of video on mobile phones now is incredible.

Mobile Trend #3 – Better Apps


Apps have been a big business for smartphones for awhile now. But in the last year we have been seeing some real improvements to what was already a well sussed out industry. Higher quality programs, more games with intensive gameplay, more useful personal and professional applications…the change has been amazing.

Mostly, this is due to HTML5. The update to the popular format has upgraded the capabilities now being taken advantage of by developers. Which is a trend that we will definitely see continue.


Everyone has a mobile phone, and in the last two years there has been a surge of people who own smartphones specifically, mostly Apple or Android. With this popularity growing, the market is ripe for innovation and improvement. Which is being taken advantage of, to the benefit of the user.

The three trends above are a given. But what do you think we will see happening in 2017? Let us know in the comments.

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