The Ads that Make Us Fat

junk food

Would you like fries with that? It’s the most successful retail tactic employed by McDonald’s to sell millions of more fries each year – and although it is clearly pushy, the tactic doesn’t alienate customers. On the contrary. Somehow, the smile of the seller offering us even more unhealthy food wins us over. We’d love fries with that. Just this once…

But while we all know how damaging junk food can be, how many of us expected to learn that even advertising makes us fat? At least this is the conclusion derived by Diet Chef from a series of studies and industry research. Overexposure to food advertising will influence negatively people’s will to keep healthy diets.

It’s all because of that damned hunger hormone, ghrelin, triggered by the mere sight and smell of food. This makes us want to eat even when we are not hungry, and so, with over 20,000 food ads watched in one year – we just don’t stand a chance.

But which are those ads that truly make us fat? According to Diet Chef, the ads promoting foods laden with fat and sugar. We’ve selected some of the most recent for your viewing “pleasure.” Are you hungry yet?

What about the absolute bombshell, The Southwest Patty Melt at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s? Do you like it hot?

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