New Jersey Wants A Digital Media Company & University Missouri Wants An Ad Agency

new jersey public relations

The Borough of Woodland Park, New Jersey is seeking an agency to create a new website. The  Borough  of  Woodland  Park is one of sixteen municipalities in Passaic County.    The Borough is located in the northeastern section of New Jersey and the lower end of the county, about 20 miles West of New York City.

Woodland Park is a highly developed municipality, with a mixture of residential, retail , office and industrial  properties. A significant portion of the Borough remains open space due to municipal parkland, two county parks and two reservoirs.

The  Borough’s Mayor  and  Council  are  aware that the Borough’s  website  is a  major resource  for  the  dissemination   of   information   and data   to  Borough   residents;   adjoining communities; and other interested parties. Proposals are due by January 13, 2016 to: Kevin Gall and, Borough of Woodland Park, Room 205, 5 Brophy Lane, Woodland Park, NJ 07424.

University of Missouri – Kansas City

Meanwhile, the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) is seeking a marketing and advertising firm to create broadcast TV Spots to reach young audiences with a compelling and engaging message.

The campaign is intended to share a visual narrative about the University and tell the story of theUMKC campus and students.  It will show the diverse students, engaging faculty, variety of degree programs offered (over 125), the vibrant, green campus and our location in the heart of Kansas City.

This spot will be used in a variety of ways to promote awareness of UMKC. Ultimately this spot will support our ongoing university marketing campaign, currently running under the banner of “UMKC. The Place for People Going Places.”

UMKC continues on a path to grow undergraduate enrollment by reaching out to prospects in Missouri, Kansas and the Midwest region.

These spots should be designed with a message that is both compelling to high school students (15 to 17 years old) and community college students(17-24 years old) and parents of high school students. Proposals are due by January 20, 2016 to

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