MySpace Logo More Inspired than Gap Logo

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You know, one of the definitions of the word “gap” is an open or empty space in or between things. This is probably what happened in the mind of whoever decided that the new Gap logo was better than the old one. But what happens in the minds of those responsible with the branding strategy for MySpace is far deeper than you’d imagine.

Myspace Logo

“MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we’ve decided to give them the space to do it,” MySpace VP of User Experience Mike Macadaan told in a statement, explaining the puzzling image you see featured. So in with the “my” in Helvetica followed by empty space, and out with the place for friends.

After all, the undisputed place for friends is Facebook, isn’t it? And MySpace is definitely losing ground as a place for friends. We can only hope that this “empty space” philosophy doesn’t translate into empty MySpace…

Macadaan himself is very excited about the company’s new logo. He sees it as a vessel. With a bit of imagination, and help from his presentation below, you too could see the same thing. MySpace thus becomes a place for you to do anything and everything that crosses your mind. You could take your MySpace horse for a ride, or use the vessel to plant some pot… There are no limits. Or are there?

If Weber Shandwick, Public Relations company of record for Myspace can make noise on this, they deserve every PR award in the world.

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