New Orleans City Council To Hire A PR Agency

New Orleans City Council

The New Orleans City Council seeks a PR firm to help with communications to the media proposals from marketing, public relations and/or communications professionals to assist the City Council as a whole and its various committees in informing the press and general public of the Council’s work in an effective, timely and concise manner. There is a projected $120K annual budget for this initial one-year high profile assignment.
The chosen firm will also work for individual Council members, and report to the Council’s Chief of Staff.

As defined by the RFP, the assignment includes to:

  • Develop strategies for consistent, informative communication from the Council to the public regarding issues coming before the Council and its committees, and the Council’s actions regarding such issues. It is important that the consultant monitor trends and initiate ideas on when and how to inform the public, and work with the Council to implement these recommendations as appropriate.
  • Arrange for and coordinate media coverage of issues before the Council as a whole and its committees, including organizing press conferences and interviews and arranging appearances on appropriate media outlets. The contractor should be available to provide talking points, speeches and briefings as needed.
  • Assist in the development of educational materials, news stories, and briefing documents on long term concerns, as well as current issues, to ensure the quality and consistency of information provided to the public. This will include writing technical information in easily readable and understandable form and issuing press releases prior to and following meetings.
  • Develop and prepare the Council’s Annual Report.

Additional responsibilities include crisis planning, social media activity and basic website support.

The proposal must be submitted to the Council Chief of Staff, Evelyn F. Pugh, at with a decision expected in November or December.

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