UN Seeks Digital Agency

The UN is seeking a Digital agency to Develop and Broadcast TV Programmes on Voter Education and Information.

Scope of Work:

The service provider has to accomplish the following assignments in consultation with ECN and under the overall guidance of the ESP CTA and under the direct supervision of the ESP Civic and Voter Education Officer.

  1. Development of script:

  • Propose the theme of 8 TV episodes
  • Develop script for 8 TV episodes of in a magazine format.
  • Obtain approval of the contents of the programme from ECN and UNDP/ESP
  1. Product ion of TV episode:

  • Produce 8 TV episodes with a special emphasis on women, youth, disabled, and marginalized communities.
  • Each episode should consist of 25 minutes.
  • The programme should consist of the following sections.

– Background of the theme, objective and analytical report (including field) -1 0 mins

– Expert interview -10 mins

– Vox pop of local communities/Electoral Quiz from all region – 4 mins

– Notice, Message,PSAs/Jingl e of ECN -1 to 2mins

  • Develop the episode on weekly basis
  • Visualization of 3 field level activities (covering Mountain, Hill and Teraidistricts)
  • Invite subject matter experts for discussion/interact ion.  Approval from ECN and UNDP-ESP is required prior to inviting the experts.
  • The contents/themes of the programme can be changed as per the requirements of ECN and UNDP-ESP, even after signing the contract.
  • Produce one minute promo for the promotion of TV programme
  • There should be massive promo of the programme
  1. Broadcasting of TV episode:

  • Broadcast the episode on weekly basis. It should be broadcast in the evening at 7.30 PM
  • Broadcast episode through Nepal Television (NTV).
  • Submit time schedule of TV programme for broadcasting.
  • Get final approval from ECN and UNDP/ESP before broadcasting
  1. Quality assurance:

  • Provide monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure the quality service.
  • Provide the original broadcast in g certificates from NTV


  • Detailed work plan with Monitoring and Evaluation framework.
  • Final script of 8 episodes.
  • Progress Report on regular basis
  • Copy of the broadcasted episodes in DVD and broadcast in g certificates from NTV.
  • Final completion report.

Due Date:

October 23rd



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