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BDS Analytics Chooses North 6th as PR AOR

BDS Analytics from Boulder Colorado just signed North 6th Agency (N6A) as their public affairs agency of record. N6A has offices in both New York and Toronto. BDS is a leader in the cannabis market providing market intelligence and consumer research for those serving cannabis needs. They do so using their GreenEdgeTM that provides actionable insights regarding point-of-sale dispensary systems. Their analytics make it possible to give accurate financial projections about the cannabis industry across the market.

Cohn & Wolfe Names 100 Top Authentic Brands

Cohn & Wolfe just released their annual list of 100 Top Authentic Brands. This top brands on the list lean strongly toward the tech industry including their number one entry, Amazon. Followed not far behind by other tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, and Google. Others listed in the top 10 include HP, Intel, Adidas, Lego, and BMW. “Authentic” is not just about perception, but also about purchases, endorsements, and investments from others in these companies.

DKC Adds Three New Clients

The New York-based DKC PR just added three new clients to their public relations roster. The first new client is Belvedere Vodka, and high-end brand considered to be “the world’s first luxury vodka.” They chose DKC after an RFP with many agencies bidding on the work. Work done for them by DKC includes traditional media relations, event support, influencer efforts, and more.

The two other new clients are both start-ups. The first will offer a gamers’ chat service called Discord, and the other is Rep the Squad that rents NFL jerseys on a subscription basis. For both of these companies, DKC will be their first PR agency. DKC will build brand consumer awareness for Discord when they are ready to release their service. Rep The Squad is similar to the company “Rent the Runway,” but for football jerseys.

UJET Chooses LEWIS for PR

LEWIS will be doing SaaS PR work for UJET in the US. UJET is a customer interaction platform replacing more traditional customer support with a smartphone application. The company recently raised more than $20 million from investors to fund the development of the new app. Some of the investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, DCM Ventures, Resolute Ventures and Relay Ventures. Clients already with UJET include Salesforce,, Kustomer, and Zendesk.

Fenton Goes West Coast

Fenton has offices in New York and DC, but they are expanding. They recently bought PR & Company, a public interest communications agency in the Bay Area founded by Pat Reilly in 1997. Reilly will continue with Fenton as their Senior Strategic Consultant. PR & Company’s clients have been in tech, non-profit, and private sectors, but their efforts have primarily been in support of women and children regarding education and advocacy.

“Reilly’s announcement comes on the heels of founding Change Research, a public interest corporation offering fast, affordable and accurate political polling at a 90% discount on traditional polling. Change Research is working on races in New Jersey and Virginia this cycle, as well as with issue-advocacy non-profits across the country. Fenton is an exclusive communications partner of Change Research,” according to a release from Fenton.

Qorvis and the Fijian Government

Former Fijian public servant, Ewan Perrin, has made claims that Qorvis, an international PR firm, has influenced the Fijian government regarding their diplomatic relationship with both New Zealand and Australia on many occasions. Perrin claims that Qorvis “calls the shots” on government communications. Since he makes these claims after being fired, it may be a he said, they said situation. Perrin claims he was let go because he refused to be a “lackey for Qorvis.

Perrin said that “The [position] was not being treated as a respected advisor to the minister … [it] was, ‘Sign the document, make the statement, don’t bother trying to think about anything.” According to the government, they paid Qorvis during the 2016-17 financial year approximately $623,000 AUD.

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