Newton, North Carolina Issues Branding RFP

Newton, North Carolina Issues Branding RFP

The city of Newton, North Carolina is seeking proposals to develop a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign. The city is specifically seeking to grow its population through recruiting active adults, professionals and entrepreneurs. The branding and marketing initiative will focus on this objective. Secondarily, the city’s brand should be easily expandable to incorporate existing economic development and tourism activities.

The City of Newton operates under the council-manager form of government.  The governing body for the City is the City Council, which consists of a mayor, who serves a four-year term, and six councilmen, who serve four-year staggered terms.  The branding initiative will be guided by the city’s recently appointed branding/marketing committee. This committee has identified business/people relocation marketing as its top priority. The branding/marketing committee is made up of energetic, community supportive and outcome focused business people. The branding/marketing committee will work with the Assistant City Manager in selecting the firm to perform the work and will be closely engaged in the development of the brand. Newton City Council will have final acceptance authority of the work performed and will be engaged periodically throughout the project for feedback at appropriate stages.

Response to this RFP should include the following elements:

Scope of Services

  • Conduct research needed with key publics to determine existing attitudes, perceptions, opportunities and challenges to enhancing the city’s image. Why are businesses, residents, visitors choosing us/not choosing us? How do we address that?
  • Develop a creative “look” to bring the community’s current economic strategies, assets and amenities to life.
  • Recommend specific necessary elements to deliver the message, i.e. visual elements, logo design, printed collateral, print advertising, digital media design including web elements, media placement, public relations, social media, events, etc.
  • Develop strategies and tactical plans to position the messaging statements based on qualitative research and analysis of quantitative data.
  • Define how the core message can be expanded to existing economic development and visitor initiatives as well as broader regional partners and assets.


  • Monthly reports outlining significant meetings, discussions, actions, and results
  • Final presentation of proposed brand identity including creative work and action plan
  • Implementation action plan and schedule for brand integration and sustainability
  • Camera-ready logo with and without tagline, including customizations for specific elements developed during process
  • Camera-ready stationery

Proposal due by August 17th, 2016 to:

City of Newton
ATTN: Sean Hovis
PO Box 550
Newton, NC 28658

PR firms with a presence in North Carolina include French-West-Vaughan, M Booth & Associates & Fleishman-Hillard.

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