NYU Center for Human Rights and Global Justice Seeks Digital PR Agency

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) at New York University’s School of Law seeks proposals to design and develop the Center’s website – which is http://chrgj.org.CHRGJ was established to bring together and expand the rich array of teaching, research, clinical, internship, and publishing activities undertaken within the NYU Law School on issues of international human rights law. Having built a reputation for its academic and clinical work in an array of human rights subjects (e.g. counter-terrorism, corporate abuses, caste discrimination, gender-based violence, economic, social, and cultural rights) CHRGJ is positioned at the crossroads of advocacy and scholarship. The center capitalizes on its unique setting to interrogate the human rights field from a critical perspective.

CHRGJ brings together scholars and practitioners to strengthen both human rights practice and theory, and foster engaged academic inquiry, research, and writing. The organization has three primary audiences: (1) human rights practitioners and policy-makers; (2) academic peer institutions and scholars; (3) current and prospective students, and the website must speak to each of these audiences.  They want more digital interaction with each of these audiences – and of special importance according to the RFP is “…a highly effective ‘about the Center’ page that ensures that certain kinds of summary/overview information are easily accessible, at a glance, in a visually appealing format that profiles the range of activities in which the center engages.”

The primary objective of the website is to build the organization’s ‘brand’ identity, awareness, and interest in the Center and the research it does. They seek to create a flexible, informative user-friendly website that is easy to maintain.

Budget is estimated at $15-$20K, and deadline is February 22, 2016.  Proposals should be sent to Tine Destrooper, Managing Director, Tine.destrooper@nye.du.

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