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Austin-based public relations firm Penman PR, is seeking professionals across US who are interested in transferring their knowledge into a career in public relations. The company is opening 20-30 positions to individuals who have a minimum of six years business management experience; possess the ability to organize, operate and assume the risk of running a small business with a keen focus on customer service; can demonstrate proven success in driving business results; and employ aggressive thinking, are articulate and creative with the ability to bring new ideas to the table every day.

If you feel like you fit the profile, apply for a job opening by sending your CV and letter of intent to Penman PR, Corporate Headquarters; 5114 Balcones Woods Drive; #307.182; Austin, Texas 78759 – or call (512) 218.0401 for details. For those chosen to join the firm, Penman PR will provide public relations training through Penman PR Training Institute.

Penman PR was founded three weeks after 9/11 and it is one of the few international public relations firm in US to offer 100% senior-level representation. The company’s employees enjoy management-level status, the flexibility to earn what they’re worth and enjoy true work / life balance.

“Although our business model is unique to public relations, it’s not at all new. It’s been used for decades by residential real estate firms, insurance agencies, stock brokerage firms and a number of other service industries,” said Brianna McKinney, Managing Principal, Penman PR. “What we offer is not a job, but a business opportunity. We enjoy people who can connect with prospects, clients and influencers and who are comfortable making things happen behind the scenes. For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit but are not interested in going it alone, Penman PR may be the perfect choice.”

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