Personal Rebranding Using a Public Relations Campaign

Personal Rebranding Using a Public Relations Campaign

For a long time now, people have often thought of branding as something connected specifically to companies and corporations. However, the truth is that almost every individual today has their own personal brand, regardless of whether they actively cultivate this brand or not. As we increasingly move towards the digital world – personal branding is a way of building a reputation that attracts clients, partners, and employers.

When a personal brand goes wrong – re-branding is the best way to start fixing the holes in a strategy and improving the way the digital world sees a specific person. With a public relations campaign, it’s possible to turn any damaged personal brand into an opportunity for success.

How to Get Started

The first step in conducting a personal re-brand with the help of public relations – is figuring out what the current brand looks like. It’s difficult to mold perception with press releases, events and social media strategies when there’s no underlying information about whatever needs to change. Many individuals with personal brands can begin by googling themselves to see what comes up. From there, they can make notes about what they look about their current reputation and what they want to change.

Once individuals have a good idea of what their pre-existing personal brand looks like, it’s important to start being more purposeful about the content the company shares. Every tweet sent out, every status updated created and every picture shared on social media, blogs, or other channels needs to be designed to convey a certain message. A PR company can help with tailoring content to suit a PR campaign that positively builds a personal brand.

Reinventing with New Connections

One of the reasons why PR campaigns are so powerful for personal re-branding campaigns is that they’re designed to help build connections between an individual and their target audience. Public relations experts know all about making the right partnerships and networks. During a personal re-branding campaign, it’s important for individuals to think carefully about who they want to associate with and who can influence the perception of their target market.

The right connections on social media, and in branded events can help to build the credibility of a person as a certain kind of individual. For instance, if someone wants to re-brand themselves as an environmentally friendly entrepreneur, it makes sense to connect with as many green companies and charities as possible. The right connections are key to reinventing a personal brand as many people judge today’s companies by the relationships they have online.

Once an individual has the right connections in place to support their personal brand, they can begin to redevelop the image that they want to send out into the world. This means creating content that supports some of the key characteristics they want to be known for. Sending PR content out through the relevant media channels helps to add an element of additional credibility to the re-branding process. The more relevant media channels a person connects with, the more professional and authentic they’ll seem.

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