PR Couture: Providing Resources and Ridding Stereotypes

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Information is everywhere. It’s available in all the obvious places like television, radio, internet, cell phones and more. On the internet it’s so accessible that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what sites are really legitimate. Are these sites really giving us what they promise, or are they simply trying to get us to buy into some gimmicky idea that only serves to benefit them?

PR Couture was designed to serve as a resource for anyone interested in fashion and PR – whether for professional reasons or simply for the pure pleasure of the fashion industry. It was founded in December 2006 by Crosby Noricks, a woman specializing in all things fashion PR. Her experiences range from being the Social Media Strategist at Red Door Interactive, an Internet Presence Management company, and a wide variety of other PR agency experiences in fashion, interior design, hospitality and non-profit sectors.

Noricks’s list of credentials is long, but more important is her reasoning for creating PR Couture. She wanted to create a place where people could come and find credible information about fashion public relations online. Noricks and her partners had a strong desire to shed the superficial cloak often worn by the fashion industry.

They were, “tired of the stereotype that fashion publicists are more concerned with air-kisses than credibility,” as stated in their about page.

In light of that, Noricks has done her best to make sure that PR Couture is not just another fashion website. It is full of helpful resources for both successful and up-and-coming fashion publicists, students, or anyone interested in learning about the role of public relations in the fashion industry.

A quick visit there will produce wonderful tools to enhance anyone’s desire to learn more about fashion PR. A job forum listing up-to-date internships and positions at varying skill levels is a dream-come-true for those seeking employment or advancement. PR Couture’s blog talk radio features interviews with top fashion PR professionals and educational information helpful to any professional or student. A couple other nice features are their agency listings, as well as an interactive tips page where anyone can post a useful link, blog, or even interesting story.

Perhaps what sets PR Couture apart from other Fashion PR blogs though is far more than those great tools. Noricks frequently publishes or links to articles that give you a more meaningful perspective of the fashion industry, some delving more intimately into what fashion means to different countries, cultures, and religions. Her recent link to “Fashion as Political Defiance” offers a glimpse into what it might be like to be a woman who could possibly get stoned for the clothes she chooses to wear. We often take advantage of our freedom to express ourselves through the clothes we wear; not stopping to think that not all women can do that – their very lives would be at stake. This is the kind of depth that the fashion industry needs to get rid of those unappealing stereotypes it’s garnered over the years, which is just what Noricks has set out to do.

It’s understandable that in 2009, PR Couture was named one of the Top 50 Niche Blogs by Evan Carmichael, a highly respected entrepreneur and international speaker. It’s a great resource for anyone involved. The site opens doors to endless possibilities, and minds to the unimaginable. It is a website that benefits all visitors, and that’s the kind of website worth visiting.

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