PR Firm Profile Of Sam Brown Inc.

Sam Brown Inc. is a healthcare communications agency that prides itself in delivering smart strategy, outstanding client service as well as creative solutions. This is a full-service agency and its communications capabilities include corporate communications, investor, media and public relations, brand marketing, creative and social media communications and much more.

This agency has been in business for nearly 20 years and, in that time, it has successfully provided its public relations services to various healthcare providers, ranging from biotechnology, device to pharmaceutical companies, all in various phases of development as well as commercialization. Sam Brown Inc. is extremely dedicated to client satisfaction and has some of the highest client retention rates in the agency business.

Some of the services that Sam Brown Inc. provides its healthcare provider clients include corporate communications, public relations, financial communications, brand and marketing communications, creative services, media relations, social media communications, and issues and crisis management.

The experts that are onboard Sam Brown Inc. have experience in pharmaceuticals, working with dozens of therapeutic areas; biotechnology, from working with start-ups to the commercialization of the business, whether that’s public or the private sector; medical devices as well as diagnostics; healthcare technology and various healthcare services; professional and patient associations; and patient assistance and access programs.

Whoever starts working with this agency, the first question that they’ll receive from the experts on board is what’s the goal that the company is trying to achieve. Whether that’s attracting more investors, increasing the interest in a particular clinical trial, establishing disease awareness, or even burnishing the brand or the reputation of the healthcare provider, Sam Brown Inc. is there to help.

Their professionals know all the ins and outs of engaging the target audiences, whether that’s the caregivers, the patients, the government agencies, the legislators, the professionals or even the general public. Everything that this agency does is going to be customized to fit the needs of each client along with their goals so that all of the results are achieved in practically no time at all.

The agency is going to build a customized and dedicated account team specifically for each healthcare provider, from their very own nationwide network of senior healthcare communicators. All of these expert team members see the client’s goals and reputation as a personal challenge and each and every one of them takes pride in their work. The experts onboard Sam Brown Inc. understand that it’s important to serve the clients and meet their needs with bright new ideas along with the highest quality of execution of those ideas.

Sam Brown Inc. has served and worked with plenty of different clients all across the healthcare provider field, including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Blue Earth Diagnostics, Aro Biotherapeutics, Calithera Biosciences, Prelude Therapeutics, GW Pharmaceuticals, and many others, who have been clients of the agency for many years.

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