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Rasky Baerlein: Principals Larry Rasky, Joe Baerlein & Ann Carter

2015-10-14 by EPR Staff
Rasky Baerlein everything-pr

Rasky Baerlein was founded in 1997 by Larry Rasky, Joe Baerlein, and Ann Carter. They are now a major public affairs firms in the U.S. with offices in Boston and Washington DC. They currently have about 55 employees. Early in 2014 they merged with Prism Public Affairs, a Washington DC strategic communications and public affairs firm with a great reputation. They are highly experienced in fields covering business, government, journalism, law, and media. Larry Rasky is the CEO and Chairman, Joe Baerlein is the President, Principals are Ann Carter, Amanda Deaver, Jonathan Karush, and Rex Granum. From their inception, they... Read More >

Havas Formula PR: A Public Relations Perspective

2015-10-12 by EPR Staff
Havas Formula

Havas Formula, formerly known as Formula PR, was acquired in 2014 by Havas FORMULATIN. Formula has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York. This agency does great work in San Diego, good work in LA – and from numerous people we have spoken with, we understand not good work in New York. History and Background of Havas Formula PR Formula is an integrated communications agency, working in non-traditional advertising and experiential campaigns. The firm was founded in 1992 by Michael Olguin and their headquarters are in the San Diego office. When they were acquired by Havas FORMULATIN, CEO... Read More >

PR Man Allan Ripp Representing The “Most Hated Man in America”

2015-10-09 by EPR Staff
Martin Shkreli everything-pr

Martin Shkreli, former hedge-fund manager and founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals is not a popular fellow these days. Shkreli purchased Turing at the beginning of the year along with the rights to Daraprim, a drug that treats a rare but severe infection afflicting HIV/AIDS and cancer patients and was approved decades before Shkreli was born. Recently Shkreli announced a price change for the drug – from $13.70 per pill to $750 per pill. Yep, you got that right. The announcement was not well received by any means. Initially, Shkreli responded to people’s disbelief with a flippant attitude. Basically letting them know... Read More >

ScoutComms – a PR Firm Focused on Veterans

2015-07-24 by EPR Staff
ScoutComms – a PR Firm Focused on Veterans

ScoutComms Public Relations ScoutComms is a Certified Benefit Corporation based in the Washington D.C. area and focuses on military families and veterans issues. They work with veterans, military families, and groups or corporations who are helping them in their communication and media relation type efforts. Their goal is to help others understand the needs of the people they represent as well as helping to connect those who need help and benefits with those who provide them. As a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) they are still a for-profit company, but B Corps place their mission as being equally important to... Read More >

Michael Sitrick of Sitrick and Company: The Spin Doctor

2015-07-21 by EPR Staff
Michael Sitrick everything-pr

Sitrick and Company are considered by many to be THE firm to hire if you are facing the perfect PR storm. Sitrick has a real gift when it comes to swinging public opinion to a viewpoint favoring his clients – the man is a master of stories. The firm was started in 1989 and immediately became one of the top leading U.S. independent crisis PR firms, as Sitrick was joined by other senior executives to build the firm. They have a roster of over 1,000 clients they have helped over the years, and a lot of them are highly recognizable... Read More >

APCO Worldwide’s Margery Kraus: A PR Profile

2011-08-23 by EPR Staff
Margery Kraus

An Everything PR News Feature: Margery Kraus of APCO Worldwide. Continuing our series of interviews with leaders in the PR industry, we have already heard from several of the world's most influential executives. Today, Everything PR News has the distinct pleasure of talking with Margery Kraus, Founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide. In this candid interview, one of the world's most esteemed communicators offers the kind of guidance we so often only hear about, rather than experience firsthand. The world stage, communication in the digital age, success, direction, the path we are all on, every day we all have at... Read More >

Action PR Jordan: 16 Years in Business

2009-01-17 by EPR Staff
Action Communications Jordan

Action Public Relations Action PR, a public relations company from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, celebrated on Wednesday its 16th anniversary. The company takes pride in being the first public relations firm in the Kingdom. Action PR offers a full range of public relations, from strategic planning, media relations, daily coverage monitoring, reputation and crisis management, to editorial services and creative copywriting. The agency has already won international recognition. One example is the winning of Coca-Cola's MENA Consultancy of the Year Awards for the region's most creative PR agency in both 1999 and 2000. Action PR is member of the... Read More >

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