Public Relations RFP Issued By County of Monmouth State of New Jersey

For residents, we know you will find important information on services and events in the Township.  Also important phone numbers, special messages about upcoming events, not just for the Township but in town as well, and important announcements in case of emergency.

Sign up for our email blasts to be notified automatically about those areas which are important to you such as Planning and Zoning Board meetings, Township Meeting agenda and resolutions, Recreation programs as well as many other areas that affect you and your town. The sign up can be found on the home page.  For our visitors, we hope this shows you all that Neptune Township has to offer.  After looking around our website, come look around our community and find out why we say that Neptune Township is the place “Where Community, Business and Tourism Prosper!”

Neptune gets its name from Roman God of the Sea. The Township was formed in 1879. Neptune Township has a land area of 8 square miles and is situated in the central easternmost part of Monmouth County. Neptune is a community with several diverse neighborhoods including Ocean Grove, Shark River Hills, Mid-Town, Bradley Park, the Gables, Seaview Island and West Neptune.

Scope of Work:

Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Exposure to Customers and the Community.

  1. Act as Public Relations Consultant for Neptune Township
    1. Press and Media Relations
  2. Develop press releases and story pitches that will highlight  Neptune Township to residents, tourists, potential business owners and State/County officials
  3. Work with press contacts to have press coverage through interviews, op-eds and feature stories
  4. Work with media (cable TV) and press contacts to have media coverage for special publicity events
  5. Act as a PR consultant for the governing body when potential publicity events occur either positive or negative
  • Communicate and meet on a regular basis with the team
  • Ensure continuous communication and sharing of ideas  and  opportunities with the governing body and township officials
  • Act as Consultant for Special Events
    • Develop special events that will attract tourists to the Township
    • Develop special events to attract potential businesses to the Township
    • Develop special events to bring potential residents to the Township

Due Date:

December 5th


Township of Neptune

25 Neptune Boulevard

Neptune, NJ 07754

Attn: Rock Cuttrell

Coyne PR and MWWPR are both New Jersey-based PR agencies.

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