Pueblo Colorado Issues Marketing RFP

Pueblo Colorado Issues Marketing RFP

The City of Pueblo, Colorado (City) is soliciting proposals from interested parties to develop a communications platform that utilizes the internet and social media to support project management, build capacity and community, increase stakeholder engagement, and increase collaborations and knowledge sharing across Pueblo Food Project stakeholders and the general public in accordance with all the terms and conditions herein.


The Pueblo Food Project is a community movement to improve our Food System. Core focus areas include food access, food economy, food and farm literacy and education, environment, and advocacy. The communications platform will be a key tool for our efforts. It should be a place of community engagement. For example, citizens might utilize the platform for information on food access, project updates, calendar of events, resources and our food heritage.

Scope of Work:

The City of Pueblo is seeking Proposals from qualified Proposers to perform the following Scope of Services. This Scope of Services includes the major project phases as outlined below:

3.2.1 Provide all equipment and labor necessary to develop a branded website for the Pueblo Food Project. Develop a logo and brand assets package for the Pueblo Food Project in a collaborative process with Pueblo Food Project coordinator. Please define all deliverables associated with the proposed brand assets package. Design and build a website, including some content pages as well as mailing lists, a news feed, contact form, directory, and multimedia library (multimedia will be provided). Work with Pueblo Food Project Coordinator to purchase a domain that will be the property of the Pueblo Food Project. Website architecture and update protocols training for a designated person. Basic search engine optimization. Secure and encrypted website hosting services and monthly website maintenance for 12 months. Please include the type of website hosting service selected, and why. Include the amount of monthly maintenance proposed.

3.2.2 Provide all equipment and labor necessary to develop a social media suite for the Pueblo Food Project. Social media account set up for Facebook, Instagram, Slack. Social media profile image graphics and starter templates for posts. Relevant community group setup. Social media training for designated persons.

Due Date:

March 26


City of Pueblo, Purchasing Department 230 S. Mechanic Street Pueblo, CO 81003

Agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and Coyne PR.

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