Redesign BP’s Brand Image

BP Company

As BP’s response to the situation in the gulf has been careless, there is growing consensus that BP executives don’t care enough to make a difference. has created an opportunity for the general public to respond to BP’s mismanagement. has recently launched an outlet for designers, artists, or anyone with an opinion to create a magazine advertisement which displays BP’s handling of the oil crisis. This is an opportunity for the public to visually express their feelings about BP. Everyone is encouraged to enter, and the most popular design will be awarded a cash prize of $250.

Prova, an ad agency based in San Diego, offers small businesses a cost effective approach to quality advertising by creating advertisement design contests that harness the power of crowdsourcing. Prova has decided to use its services as a springboard to inspire responsible citizenship and open expression.

The developers of Prova believe positive change should emerge from harmful situations such as BP’s unfortunate oil spill. Prova has facilitated this contest as a way to help aspiring designers, artists, & the general public voice their opinion visually. Full details can be found at’s magazine advertisement design contest.

Brunswick Group is believed to be the only external company handling Public Relations at this time for BP.

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