Corporate PR: BP Seeking New PR Head

BP Company

After the disastrous PR campaign that surrounded the Gulf of Mexico mishap, BP attempted to regain face in different ways, from changing the CEO, to even, according to recent reports, looking for a new head of media relations. Andrew Gowers, who is currently occupying the position, will not be … [Read more...]

Ballantines PR (BPR): Public Relations Firm Profile

Ballantines PR

Profiling PR companies used to be a usual feature at Everything PR News. For a while, we slowed the pace, swamped in news that, although bear little ethical value (like the Tiger Woods affair) they provide valuable lessons for PRs. However, we always felt that focusing on PR companies, their people … [Read more...]

Redesign BP’s Brand Image

BP Company

As BP’s response to the situation in the gulf has been careless, there is growing consensus that BP executives don’t care enough to make a difference. Prova.fm has created an opportunity for the general public to respond to BP's mismanagement. Prova.fm has recently launched an outlet for … [Read more...]