Corporations Can Craft Better Public Policies

2016-04-22 by Richard D. Pace
public Policy

Many people think of public policy as the work of politicians. When corporations become involved, it’s a common belief that they do so only to throw influence and wealth behind political issues. Many also believe these issues purely benefit the company and its industry, but not the population at large. As a result, corporations face a lot of distrust from the media and consumers alike. For multi-national corporations, this becomes an even greater problem. As different countries and regions change laws, the company too must change internal policies to reflect this - or lobby for change. This means having different... Read More >

Bob Dudley: We Will Earn Back Trust in BP

2010-10-25 by Archie Obrien
Bob Dudley everything-pr

In public relations "trust" can be defined in a number of ways, some of which are the very reason why the media hates PR so much. It's not always about confidence and dependability, as some would define the concept - trust in organizations like BP has far more complex definitions and meanings. When Bob Dudley said "We will earn back trust in BP and begin to restore the company's battered reputation," to a bunch of business leaders in London, he knew exactly which buttons to push. To help the reader better understand the subtleness, consider that Dale E. Zand introduced... Read More >

Corporate PR: BP Seeking New PR Head

2010-09-23 by Archie Obrien
BP Company

After the disastrous PR campaign that surrounded the Gulf of Mexico mishap, BP attempted to regain face in different ways, from changing the CEO, to even, according to recent reports, looking for a new head of media relations. Andrew Gowers, who is currently occupying the position, will not be sacked, but probably assigned to a different position. The Telegraph reported that Bob Dudley, who will replace Tony Hayward as the company's CEO next month, is actively involved in the process. Naturally, Dudley will want a team that operates as he envisions the process. Tony Hayward's PR team has seen good... Read More >

Ballantines PR (BPR): Public Relations Firm Profile

2010-07-10 by Archie Obrien
Ballantines PR

Profiling PR companies used to be a usual feature at Everything PR News. For a while, we slowed the pace, swamped in news that, although bear little ethical value (like the Tiger Woods affair) they provide valuable lessons for PRs. However, we always felt that focusing on PR companies, their people and their values should be a constant. We will revive an old (and popular) habit, that brings to your attention a number of PR companies from all over the world. Today, Ballantines PR (BPR). The first impression, when you land on Ballantines PR's home page, is that you are... Read More >

Redesign BP’s Brand Image

2010-06-26 by Aaron Sarno
BP Company

As BP’s response to the situation in the gulf has been careless, there is growing consensus that BP executives don’t care enough to make a difference. Prova.fm has created an opportunity for the general public to respond to BP's mismanagement. Prova.fm has recently launched an outlet for designers, artists, or anyone with an opinion to create a magazine advertisement which displays BP’s handling of the oil crisis. This is an opportunity for the public to visually express their feelings about BP. Everyone is encouraged to enter, and the most popular design will be awarded a cash prize of $250. Prova,... Read More >

BP’s PR Strategy Makes a Shift with Carl-Henric Svanberg in the Highlights

2010-06-16 by Archie Obrien

It was about time, you'll say, especially if you watched Tony Hayward's media struggles, for someone with more skill to become the public face of BP. But Carl-Henric Svanberg will have a difficult task, that is to clean up BP's public face, and the stain on it is not just oil. Carl-Henric Svanberg took the command of the BP board in January, after previously being the chief of Telefon AB LM Ericsson. A powerful man, one of the best known businessmen in Sweden, he is the reason why Ericsson grew into a global telecom giant after the tech bubble burst.... Read More >

BP Behind Hype – The True Meaning of an Aggressive PR Campaign

2010-05-17 by Archie Obrien
BP Oil Spill Public Relations

We told you earlier this month that PR giant Brunswick Group will handle British Petroleum’s PR strategies in the months to come. What we didn't give you at the time is the true meaning of this marriage made in heaven. British Petroleum has never accepted responsibility for the accident that is practically killing the Gulf. "This wasn't our accident. This was a drilling rig operated by another company [TransOcean]. It was their people. Their systems. Their processes. We are responsible not for the accident, but we are responsible for the oil, and for dealing with it and cleaning the situation... Read More >

The Right Strategy for BP’s Oil Leak Problems: Less Talk, More Action

2010-05-14 by Archie Obrien
Bird rescued by BP

Every time someone from BP opened their mouth to talk about the oil leak problems in the Gulf of Mexico, they only caused damage to the BP brand. The unseen, and unforeseen effects on BP's future (and not only) can be summarized in President Obama's words: "For too long, for a decade or more, there's been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill," Obama said, referring to the Minerals Management Service. "It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil... Read More >

BP’s Aggressive PR Plan Revealed, Piss Everyone Off

2010-05-14 by Richard D. Pace

As Gulf oil spill disaster is not bad enough, now BP boss Tony Hayward tells the world to piss off.  BP's new "offensive PR" plan must be to deal from a position of strength, eh? Watching BP stumble and fumble around would be comedic except for their incompetence. "A drop in the ocean" Hayward says. Read on for an alternative reality. Update: A conversation with Marketplace Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reveals BP's apparent acquiescence to their lawyers. See American Public Media radio report below. In news from the corners of the world where people give a damn, BP's estimates... Read More >

Brunswick Group to Clean Up BP Reputation with Aggressive PR Campaign

2010-05-11 by Archie Obrien
Brunswick Group Communications

PR giant Brunswick Group will handle British Petroleum's PR strategies in the months to come, Politico reports. The publication describes the future campaign as "aggressive." For BP's sake, I can only hope that Politico just used a figure of speech. British Petroleum is in no position for aggressive PR campaigns. What they need is a advocate/relationship management type of approach, and as much transparency as possible for a company in their position. So far, BP's response to questions regarding the massive Gulf oil spill they caused was vague, and lacked transparency. Hopefully Brunswick Group will have the common sense to advise... Read More >