Corporations Can Craft Better Public Policies

public Policy

Many people think of public policy as the work of politicians. When corporations become involved, it’s a common belief that they do so only to throw influence and wealth behind political issues. Many also believe these issues purely benefit the company and its industry, but not the population at large. As a result, corporations face […]

Redesign BP’s Brand Image

BP Company

Prova.fm has created an opportunity for the general public to respond to BP’s mismanagement.

Prova.fm has recently launched an outlet for designers, artists, or anyone with an opinion to create a magazine advertisement which displays BP’s handling of the oil crisis.

CNN and Larry King Announce Telethon to Help Victims of BP Oil Spill

Larry King Piers Morgan

CNN’s Larry King Live to host telethon to raise money for victims of the BP oil spill. Numerous A-listers such as Justin Bieber, Ted Danson, Cameron Diaz, Randy Jackson, Robert Redford and many more will join the Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help special edition. Larry King joins the lines of stars helping out or blaming BP which include Kevin Costner, James Cameron, Lady Gaga and Corn to name only a few.

BP’s Aggressive PR Plan Revealed, Piss Everyone Off

The drop in the ocean gets worse

BP’s new PR strategy must be to destroy the brand forever. CEO Tony Hayward refers to the Gulf oil spill as if he, nor the company care in the least. Worse still, the company just employed PR giant Brunswick to help save their behinds. Maybe big business has just lost touch with reality all together? If social media and traditional media go on the war path over this, BP is a cooked goose.