Ruder Finn: 30 Days of PR Moves

2012-06-04 by EPR Staff

Ruder FinnRuder Finn, one of the world’s top PR agencies, has announced several progressive news bits over the last 30 days. As significant as these moves are, it only seems appropriate to report on them as Summer begins. Taking over for Weber Shandwick in representing MAC AIDS Fund, to evangelizing the “Life…Supplemented” public education campaign for the Council for Responsible Nutrition Foundation (CRN), RF is a company on the move in 2012.

Last year we had the privileged of talking “one-on-one” with Ruder Finn’s own Kathy Bloomgarden when she was visiting the company’s offices in Switzerland. Since then, not only has the company launched a divergent (from the past variant) innovative website, but Bloomgarden’s firm has won numerous awards and clients for their various value prospects – services – and initiatives. Not the least of the company’s accomplishments has been garnering new business – the real brand awakening for any company.

  • Carbonite – leading provider of online backup solutions for consumers and small and medium sized businesses, has retained Finn Partners, a Ruder Finn Group company, to be the public relations agency of record.
  • The Maldives Government – RF wins a fairly controversial bid to tell the story of the current Maldives administration, promoting the image of the new government in the US and the UK.
  • Spurring a crucial rebrand of the highly effective Michael J. Fox Foundation, which supports Parkinson’s Disease research worldwide.
  • Significant movement in the digital space; content marketing to talking about coffee and social media, RF seems on the verge
  • The MAC AIDS Fund usurping of Weber Shandwick, and other awards and progress..
  • The Lexus Singapore deal
  • The Economist choosing for the first time a PR company for the coming World In 2013 event in Asia – RF gets the nod.

Ruder Finn, given their ongoing connectivity in the public sector, corporate and political reach, and recent business strength moves, should get some kind of award to outright initiative. Of course, the latest news is not a new trend or something, probably it is old hat to Bloomgarden and Co. We just thought her company and the PR moves were something well worth noting collectively. If there are more, I am sure Kathy Bloomgarden or her team will fill us in more precisely, but for now let’s just say Bravo! RF.

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