San Antonio, Texas River Authority is Looking For A PR Firm & Marketing Company

San Antonio, Texas River Authority is Looking For A PR Firm & Marketing CompanyThe San Antonio, Texas River Authority is seeking proposals for communication and creative services for the San Pedro Creek (SPC) Improvements project.  Responsibilities will include to provide facilitation services of public meetings along with various community relations initiatives, including: media relations, website development, branding, community relations and graphic design.

Bexar County and the RIVER AUTHORITY, in coordination with the City of San Antonio, are in the midst of the design phase of the PROJECT, which will transform the creek to reflect its place in our cultural history, improve its function in flood control, revitalize natural habitat and water quality and catalyze economic development.


  • Provide enhanced flood management
  • Maximize economic benefits of the PROJECT
  • Create a world class experience for residents and visitors
  • Elevate and educate our community profile in sustainability
  • Engage our community in a grassroots design effort
  • Reflect the unique culture of Bexar County
  • Improve water quality and aquatic health PRINCIPLES:
  • Establish an intimate scale relationship between people and the creek, and provide for the simultaneous movement of water and people that is safe and pleasurable
  • Restore, repurpose and reuse the existing channel infrastructure, respecting its historical context and being good stewards of the funds provided for restoration.
  • Recreate an aquatic habitat to nourish life and incorporate nature into our urban environment.
  • Provide places that support diverse activities, offer pockets of surprise and connect with intersecting streets, paths and transportation routes.

Scope of Services

The communication and creative services shall include at a minimum the following items:

  • Meeting and Event Facilitation
  • Organize, design and facilitate stakeholder and public meetings and events including groundbreakings and grand openings.
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations, in various software formats, for the Bexar County Commissioners Court, the RIVER AUTHORITY Board of Directors or other government bodies, PROJECT committees and meetings with property owners, neighborhood organizations and other interested parties as requested.

Public Outreach

  • Develop layout and content for e-newsletters, blog, social media and other channels for public outreach to maintain community support and increase the awareness of the PROJECT throughout Bexar County and beyond.
  • Develop videos for promotional materials and storytelling.
  • Develop a collection of high-quality photography to create storytelling through images; by capturing the character of the creek before, during and after construction of the PROJECT.
  • Develop content and materials to be released in a timely manner on social media outlets.

Media Outreach Services

  • Write content for press releases, commentaries and articles to be distributed by SARA staff to maintain community and media support for the PROJECT and increase public awareness of the PROJECT.

Graphic Design Services

  • Design, copywriting, layout and art direction of PROJECT materials for print, online, mobile and outdoor.

Website Development Services

  • Redevelop the PROJECT website to an easy-to-use, easily navigable, architecturally sound and flexible website that supports a clear communication channel for the PROJECT.
  • Redevelop the PROJECT website to be creative and interactive in order to engage the public in the PROJECT and the PARK upon opening.

Brand Development Services

  • Analyze the need for a new name of the PARK and if a new name is deemed necessary, develop new name options.
  • Create a brand identity strategy for the PARK (or agreed upon new name), including logo design, tag line and theme that captures the essence and character of the mission, goals and principals of the PROJECT.
  • Develop collateral templates including, but not limited to: brochures, letterhead, presentation templates and e-newsletter header.

Proposals due on July 13, 2016 to:

San Antonio River Authority
Attn: Purchasing Department 100 East Guenther St.
PO Box 839980
San Antonio, TX 78283-9980

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