Santa Monica Issues Media Relations RFP

Santa Monica Issues Media Relations RFP

Santa Monica  is looking to increase coverage on a regional and national level. We are seeking an agency that can garner media interest by creating fresh story angles, publicizing the free events and highlighting all the great stores, restaurants and entertainment available to customers. In the past, we have achieved national coverage from Forbes and Variety, as well as local television coverage from all the major network stations. Also, we have received front cover stories in all the local Santa Monica media outlets.


Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is a private 501c(3) non-profit organization that works with the City of Santa Monica to manage services and operations in Downtown Santa Monica while promoting economic stability, growth and community life within this unique neighborhood.  Formerly the Bayside District Corporation, DTSM, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the City of Santa Monica and now manages the Property-based Business Assessment District bounded by Ocean Avenue to the west, Wilshire Boulevard to the north, Lincoln Boulevard to the east and the Santa Monica Freeway to the south. In 2008, property owners within the district, including the City of Santa Monica, voted to create the assessment district to fund enhanced hospitality and maintenance services, as well as a robust marketing campaign that includes advertising as well as event production to draw residents of Santa Monica and visitors from throughout the region.

Downtown Santa Monica is anchored by the Third Street Promenade, a popular outdoor dining, and entertainment destination that runs three blocks from Wilshire Boulevard to Broadway and is closed off to vehicle traffic. The Promenade is adjacent to Santa Monica Place and is just two blocks away from the historic Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean. Downtown Santa Monica and the Third Street Promenade attract roughly 16 million visitors a year and generate over a billion dollars in sales annually.

Scope of Work:

Key Tasks:

  • Manage, strategize, oversee DTSM’s PR program.
  • Write, disseminate and conduct follow-up to news releases and media alerts.
  • Initiate, plan and execute a minimum of four media events (FAMs) per year.
  • Develop and maintain a targeted media and social media influencer list and spearhead strategic meetings to develop and execute ideas/stories based on a program of events that will generate consumer interest for the destination with a goal of achieving an ongoing stream of media coverage.
  • Initiate, plan and execute a minimum of five (5) social media influencer campaigns per year.
  • Provide merchant product placement through morning shows, weather segments and news features.
  • Must be available for various events to liaison with press as needed throughout the year.
  • Provide a monthly media status report. This report, to be delivered by the end of the first calendar week (5 working days) of the month, should include a complete summary of the month’s activities with story clips, sound bites and video footage. Report must include ad equivalency, circulation and viewership when relevant.

Due Date:

May 18th


Mackenzie Carter Director

Marketing & Communications

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

1351 Third Street Promenade, Suite 201

Santa Monica, CA 90401-1321

Tourism PR firms include Coyne PR and DKC PR.

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