SC Department of Natural Resources Issues Marketing RFP

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) seeks proposals from qualified Offerors to perform public survey services and continual analysis of the SCDNR data for marketing/outreach campaigns.


SCDNR frequently uses surveys of various constituent groups to:

                (1) determine harvest, participant effort, and other statistics associated with fisheries, wildlife and marine resources management,

                (2) improve public involvement, build constituencies, develop products, guide programs and services,

                (3) evaluate and document present public sentiment about issues of interest to SCDNR and/or other constituents and to predict future conditions that may affect the ability of SCDNR to manage fish, wildlife and marine resources,

                (4) determine the effectiveness of current laws, regulations, and management of the state’s fisheries, wildlife and marine resources, and

                (5) determine effectiveness of marketing and outreach campaigns.

SCDNR’s requirements will vary from survey to survey. Depending on the survey, the contractor may simply be required to administer a previously created survey, while in others they may be required to create the entire survey instrument with input from SCDNR. Additionally, depending on the survey, the contractor may be required to simply ask the questions and collect responses in report form, while in others they may be required to complete an analysis of the responses. Therefore, the pricing structure must allow for itemized pricing adaptable to the various potential scenarios.

Scope of Work:

For each requested survey, the selected contractor will be required to:

                (1) Survey Development

                                a. Assist SCDNR in the development of surveys to acquire information reflecting the                                       public’s opinions and use of natural resources and their interest, belief, values and                                         perceptions, as well as their interest or preferences for management options.

                                b. Identify appropriate survey methods to capture the desired information at the most economical pricing on a survey specific basis. This should include, but not limited to, focus groups, mail surveys, email surveys, telephone surveys, in-person interviews and web-based surveys.

                                c. Select the proper survey instrument to (1) maximize the speed of collection, (2) increase accuracy, (3) minimize costs, (4) reduce interview and respondent burdens, (5) provide real-time data results during the duration of the survey upon request, (6) ensure confidentiality as necessary, and (7) enhance abilities to elicit appropriate information or target a specific demographic segment of the public.

                                d. Survey design must be adequate to meet the objectives of the survey. Survey parameters (number of samples, geographic coverage, etc.) must be set to accurately assess the attitudes, values, behaviors, etc. that are the focus of the survey and achieve statistically valid conclusions. Estimated margins of error should be included where appropriate.

                                e. Surveys must be customizable to meet the needs of SCDNR. This includes one-time surveys, as well as those surveys that will be conducted on a periodic basis.

                                f. For the entirety of the contract, surveys must be developed and approved through direct coordination with SCDNR staff.

                (2) Sample Group Acquisition

                                a. Must generate a list(s) of possible survey participants, to include test and control groups where appropriate.

                                b. Manipulate the SCDNR electronic license database, which includes hunting and fishing privileges, tags, permits and boating registrations, to create specific core sample groups. Data will be provided to Contractor via an FTP site or similar secured format. At no time will the Contractor be allowed to utilize SCDNR electronic license database for any purpose other than those specifically requested by the SCDNR.

                                c. Purchase lists from commercial sources or utilize general random sampling, when necessary, for surveys that require non SCDNR customers.

                (3) Survey Administration

                                a. Must demonstrate the ability to administer survey sampling methodology (mail, phone, email, or web-based) and facilitate sampling protocol to ensure adequate representation of desired target audience, continuity, standardization and minimal sampling bias.

                (4) Survey Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation

                                a. Analyze and statistically evaluate survey results.

                                b. Compare data from previous South Carolina surveys and other sources of information to make general and statistical comparisons.

                                c. Assist SCDNR in understanding and more effectively responding to the needs and desires of various public sectors, special interest groups, and constituents.

                                d. Perform comparative statistical analysis of other local and state surveys when appropriate and as requested.

                (5) Deliverables

                                a. A draft survey will be made available to SCDNR for review and approval prior to the administering of any survey.

                                b. After the survey, the contractor will provide SCDNR a final survey report, to include all collected data, key findings, and recommendations. The number of reports needed will vary by survey. The number and format of the final survey report will be requested via the Survey Work Plan Form (see attached).

Due Date:

June 18th, 2019. 


SC Department of Natural Resources

Attn: Procurement Services

PO Box 167

Columbia SC 29202

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Makovsky PR.

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