Interplay Between Search Marketing and Social Media

GroupM Search and comScore, Inc. have just released the results of a recent study which examines the relationship between search marketing and social media. “The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption” was conducted with M80, a social media agency. A white paper has been published on the findings of the study, which can be read here.

“Every day consumers express their intent via search. Now, we better understand how that intent is established via social media and the interplay between the channels,” said Chris Copeland, chief executive officer of GroupM Search – The Americas.

“The study further validates our view that media discovery, specifically a brand’s owned and earned media, is as important to success as the paid media we handle every day. Generating upper-funnel awareness and influencing consideration through social media can produce better down-the-funnel performance with paid media, such as paid search.”

The study looked at correlations between social media exposure and search behavior and went on for a period of 3 months. It included a number of different searches, including consumer packaged goods, automotive and telecommunications. The people studied were also separated into three groups, consumers exposed only to a brand’s paid search, consumers exposed to social media relevant to a brand’s category, and consumers exposed to influenced social media specific to a brand.

Some of the highlights of this study include the following:

  • Searchers who use social media are more involved and are 1.7x more likely to search with the goal of making a list of products or brands to consider for making a purchase.
  • Those exposed to both paid search and social media advertising by the same brand were 2.8x more likely to search for that brand’s products than those who were only shown paid advertising.
  • 50% more people clicked through on paid search if they were exposed to both paid ads and social media.

The final conclusion? Social media and paid search marketing are definitely connected. Businesses can use this information to ensure that they are getting the best results for their money.

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