7 Bell Ringer Awards for SHIFT Communications

PR Company Shift Communications

Public relations agency with offices in Boston, San Francisco and New York City SHIFT Communications received seven Bell Ringer Awards from The Publicity Club of New England. Six awards were offered for the agency’s client campaigns, and one award was won by a SHIFT employee.

“SHIFTers work hard to put their clients’ names in lights every day. It was awesome to see the ‘Pub Club’ recognize this work and put our teams’ names up on the big screen” stated Agency Principal Todd Defren.

The agency was honoured with awards in the following categories:

* Best National Print Feature: Gold award presented to the Rapid7 account team
* Best Product/Service High-Tech Campaign: Silver award presented to the SolidWorks account team
* Best Business-to-Business Product/Service Campaign: Silver award presented to the Nexage account team
* Best Response to Breaking News: Silver award presented to the Rapid7 account team
* Best Clean Energy/Green Technology Product/Service Launch Campaign: Bronze award presented to the Retroficiency account team
* Best Social Media Campaign: Bronze award presented to the Overstock.com account team

Also, Senior Account Executive Kate Binette received the 2012 Young PR Professional of the Year Award, also known as the Striker Award.

“You know when someone is really good when you find yourself deferring to their judgment and trusting their instincts” said SHIFT client Dave Dickinson, CEO of Zeo. “Kate is already a real pro within public relations, but I had no idea she was so new to the field. That tells me a lot about how successful she is going to be.”

“SHIFT has taught me so much about excellence in public relations and what it means to go above and beyond,” said Kate Binette. “I’m proud to work for such a great company and thrilled that I was honored with this year’s Striker Award.”

The Bell Ringer Awards are sponsored by The Publicity Club of New England and they recognize and honour excellence and achievement in the communications and public relations work in every field and industry, and across all media including online, print and broadcast.

Seven awards for a singe agency is not a small thing to accomplish, therefore SHIFT Communications has just as many reasons to feel proud and high expectations to meet in the future.

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