SS PR: SS Public Relations Hired by QuamTel

SSPR - SS Public Relations

QuamTel, Inc. has just announced that they have hired SS PR as their PR agency. The agency is coming on board to set up and execute an aggressive public relations campaign to help QuamTel become more recognized across the nation.

“SS | PR impressed us with their proven track record of success with both mainstream consumer and technology oriented media. We are confident they will help us deliver our message effectively to the public through a wide variety of media outlets and gain visibility in this burgeoning market,” commented Stuart Ehrlich, CEO of QuamTel.


WQN, Inc., a subsidiary of QuamTel, was one of the first companies to develop online pre-paid international calling for cell phones. The company has been in business since 1995 and they are now looking to expand teir services even further.

SS PR is a public relations firm with plenty of relevant experience. The company is looking forward to working with QuamTel and helping their newest client reach their sales goals. They will be working to provide excellent publicity and information for users across the country.

“QuamTel’s growing portfolio of offerings are on the forefront of mobile telecommunications technology and they are now ready to accelerate their growth by gaining mindshare in this rapidly evolving, high growth market,” said Steve Simon, CEO of SS | PR. “We look forward to working with them to create and roll out compelling PR campaigns that will build public awareness to help drive demand and adoption of their products and services.”

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