St. Kitts Tourism Issues Public Relations RFP

St. Kitts Tourism Issues Public Relations RFP

St. Kitts Tourism Authority has issued an RFP for a Public Relations Agency. The St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) is the agency responsible for the strategic planning and general destination management for the St. Kitts Tourism Industry. In 2015, the Tourism Sector accounted for 21.8% of the Gross Domestic Product for the Federation of St, Kitts and Nevis.

Objectives of the Global Public Relations Strategy

The following broad objectives have been identified to provide focus and guidance in defining the Public Relation Strategy and managing and promoting the image of brand St. Kitts.

  • Promote St. Kitts as the authentic, quintessential Caribbean destination for the discerning more experienced traveller.
  • Support the efforts of the SKTA and all related institutions in promoting St. Kitts.
  • Develop and uncover opportunities that drive awareness and positive perceptions of St. Kitts.
  • Develop partnerships and co-marketing opportunities, where appropriate, that drive positive perceptions of St. Kitts.
  • Build relationships with media houses, journalists and influencers to promote brand St. Kitts.

On-Island Stakeholders include the Ministry of Tourism, The Hotel & Tourism Association (HTA), Chamber of Commerce, St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA), Retail Operators, Restaurants and Beach Bars, Taxi and Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies of the private sector, other Government Departments and Statutory Authorities, Non-tourism private sector partners, the general community and a host of other local stakeholders.

The chosen agency should have:

  • Relevant experience and understanding of the St. Kitts tourism industry.
  • Demonstrated capabilities and understanding of the travel and tourism industry, including air travel, hotels, destination marketing, etc.
  • Strong understanding of, and demonstrated success in, developing and implementing fully integrated public relations plans with government entities
  • High level of commitment to client service in terms of quality, thoroughness of strategic approach and follow through
  • Ability to establish strong rapport with representatives of the SKTA Board of Directors, tourism staff, other source market agencies and consultants and other programme stakeholders (e.g., private sector, industry associations, etc.)
  • A strong mix of senior staff and account managers who have clearly worked well together for some time. The firm should be able to consistently identify team roles (e.g., daily contact, senior counsel, support, etc.).
  • Desire to exceed expectations and invest in a strong client-agency partnership
  • Existing and effective planning and cost control mechanisms
  1. Public/Media Relations
    • Demonstrated capabilities in strategic media relations with a proven, results-oriented approach.
    • Proven existing relationships with key members of the travel media, across all stakeholder groups – trade, consumer publications and newspapers; and special interest and lifestyle media who support the destination’s special interest markets – at both national and regional levels.
    • Ability to conceptualize and deliver broad public relations and communications programmes designed to inform and influence opinion formers within the global tourism marketing industry, including travel editors, agents, conference planners, etc.
    • Strong experience in crisis/issues management preparedness and response
    • Proven methodology for measurement/ROI of communications investment – including, but not limited to research services such as performing review, analysis and recommendation for various opportunities from media requests for press trips to advertising proposals.
  2. Government Relations
    • Proven ability to reach opinion leaders and influencers within the UK tourism, travel and leisure industry.
    • Strong intelligence gathering capabilities to be able to decipher and anticipate government decisions and actions and help SKTA navigate that landscape.

Objectives and Scope of Work

The agency will be expected to manage all public relations for brand St. Kitts in the United Kingdom. Key agency staff will also be asked to make an appropriate investment of time and expense to learn and fully understand the St. Kitts tourism industry and the workings of Government specifically. The SKTA will help ensure a comprehensive and appropriate immersion programme is in place.

The following broad objectives have been identified:

  • Create an understanding among key international stakeholders about St. Kitts as the authentic, quintessential Caribbean destination, for the discerning, more experienced traveller.
  • Develop brand awareness and educate stakeholders on the hotels, culinary offerings. authentic experiences unique to St. Kitts.
  • Contribute to the awareness-building and favourable decision-making among stakeholders in the United Kingdom.
  • Identify opportunities to position St. Kitts as a premier destination in the tourism and leisure market.
  • Facilitate services including creative production and execution, media planning and purchasing.
  • Contribute to the implementation, planning and execution of the Annual St. Kitts and Nevis Roadshow.

The Scope of Work includes:

  • To evaluate existing public relations strategy and identification for any gaps, areas for improvement, audiences to consider, and strategic issues not covered.
  • To develop and implement a corresponding public relations action plan to achieve image and reputation objectives.
  • To develop successful advertising programmes and campaigns in accordance with the direction and strategy provided by the SKTA.
  • To assist in the planning of marketing and public relations needs as required:
  • Originating competitive analyses
    • Making monthly progress reports
    • Formulating and recommending ideas, plans, programmes, campaigns and concepts for public relations consistent with direction and budgets provided
  • To specifically support the SKTA with planning and monitoring of social media activity.

Proposal due by March 20, 2017 to:
St. Kitts Tourism Authority
PO Box 132
Pelican Mail
Basseterre, St. Kitts

Contenders for this assignment may be expected to include Porter Novelli, Burson-Marsteller and Edelman PR.

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