Stamford Seeks Lobbying Firm

Stamford Seeks Lobbying Firm

The City of Stamford is seeking a federal lobbying firm. The lobbying firm shall prepare correspondence and Congressional testimony, make appointments, monitor Congressional activity, and communicate effectively with Federal legislators, Congressional staff, City representatives, and the City delegation and their staff, as well as political entities who share specific interests with the City of Stamford.  These activities shall be conducted in furtherance of the City’s Congressional agenda. The lobbying firm shall also provide the City with monthly status reports concerning its activities on behalf of the City.

Scope of Work:

The lobbying firm shall provide sufficient documentation that it is qualified to represent the City of Stamford in the manner providing the City with the maximum opportunity to advance its projects.  The lobbying firm shall:

  • Prepare letters introducing topics of interest and need for Congressional attention to the Stamford delegation and other Congressional staff.
  • Prepare Congressional applications.
  • Prepare Congressional testimony.
  • Arrange appointments with Congressmen/women and staff.
  • Monitor Congressional activity.
  • Share knowledge of Congressional Committees and Subcommittees.
  • Share knowledge of Congressional Leadership by topical area.
  • Make effective verbal communication with the delegation and staff.
  • Recommend actions to be taken by the City.
  • Perform follow up with groups supporting Stamford municipal interests.
  • Perform other related duties as required to lobby in support of the City of Stamford.

Due Date:

October 30, 2017


STAMFORD, CT 06904-2152

Strong firms with a DC presence include APCO Worldwide and Ketchum PR.

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