State of Alabama Seeking Tourism PR firm

 alabama tourism seeks public relations firm

The Alabama Tourism Department seeks a PR firm to:

  • Build top-of-mind awareness and consideration for Alabama’s unique vacation options
  • Drive online traffic to to further influence the target audience’s vacation planning
  • “Utilize “Sweet Home Alabama’s’ magical, charming, authentic and relaxing character to distinguish it as a uniquely rewarding destination with more to savor.”
  • Work with ATD staff to facilitate all international marketing endeavors based on the direction of the Director.

Media Supported Advertising:

Includes hours only (media is placed at net) for the planning, research, negotiation, placement and stewardship of paid and donated media, TV, radio, print, outdoor, online, and other vehicles. The media plan has, in most cases, focused on regional magazines, search engines, online placements and broadcast in targeted markets. The use of outdoor and newspaper has been very limited. Overall, media hours represent approximately 25% (1,050 hours apx.) of total  hours for this segment of the work.

Integrated Marketing Services & Promotion:

Includes account management, research, strategy, and marketing and communications planning for special events , promotions and secondary campaigns, social media content planning and management, public relations, collateral/ POS, meeting prese nta tions, trade show and professional conference materials or sponsorships, consultation and other marketing activities not directly supported via paid media.

Digital Services:

Includes overall digital marketing strategy and planning, including a close working relationship with media planning, buying and stewardship. Also includes design and production of any mobile apps, micro-sites and advertising or promotion campaign-driven landing pages, social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), promotional e-mail and  newsletters, contact database updates and maintenance. In addition, digital services scope includes search engine optimization of website(s); search marketing planning, buying and optimizing; mobile, social and online advertising creative and production  including pre-roll video and rich media digital ad units ; digital analytics tracking, reporting and recommendations based  on  captured data. 

Due Date:

July 7 to:

Scott E. Burbank
401 Adams Avenue, Suite 126
Montgomery, AL 36104

Strong tourism PR firms include Coyne PR and 5WPR.

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