State of Oklahoma Issues Social Media RFP

State of Oklahoma Issues Social Media RFP

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being solicited by the State of Oklahoma, Office of Management & Enterprise Services, Central Purchasing (OMES/CP) on behalf of the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). The purpose of this RFP is to seek offers from qualified entities for comprehensive social-marketing services to be utilized by OSDH. The scope of services being sought requires that the Awarded Vendor provide all services customarily performed by a full-service marketing entity to successfully develop and conduct various strategic marketing projects and/or campaigns on a variety of public health topics, issues, or needs throughout the State of Oklahoma. A


Mission Statement:

Provide leadership and services for innovative, responsive, and accountable public procurement by working in partnership with state agencies, local governments and suppliers to provide quality goods and services, striving to optimize taxpayer dollars while carefully monitoring and improving the use of our time, talent and resources.


Provide efficient services that meet the customers’ needs by innovative strategic sourcing programs, taking advantage of emerging technologies, practices, resources, and economies of   scale, and appropriate consideration of special needs groups and the use of statewide contracts and purchase card systems.

Sound financial systems and practices to support CP’s services by ensuring accurate and accountable financial performance.

Efficient procurement and payment processes that conserve CP resources through reduced administrative costs.

A trained and effective certified purchasing officer training program, which enables best purchasing practices.

Scope of Work:

Upon contract award, duties to be provided by the Awarded Vendor shall include, but not be limited to, the list of general categories shown below. As the OSDH determines the need for a campaign or marketing project, the Awarded Vendor will be given specific assignments/duties through the Task Order process defined in Section C.5 of this RFP. The Awarded Vendor shall:

  • Attend Supplier Meeting at the beginning of each contract period to receive procedures on invoicing, communication flow, task order processes etc.
  • Maintain an office in Oklahoma City, OK, consisting of a minimum of one (1) full-time individual that will serve as an Account Manager who can develop media and public relationships with instate outlets, attend planning meetings, work directly on-site with the OSDH staff, attend and make meeting presentations when necessary, etc. If the Awarded Vendor does not currently have an office established in Oklahoma City, OK, Awarded Vendor shall be required to establish an office no later than three (3) months after the date of award.
  • Plan, develop and conduct formative research, which may include state of the art in-depth interviews, use of focus groups, pre-testing of messages and materials, pilot testing of messages, themes, media products in accordance with submitted Task Order(s) from the OSDH.
  • Develop and execute integrated, multi-phase state and local level social marketing campaigns including planning, identifying goals and objectives, establishing key statements, determining tactics and timelines, communication planning, public relationships planning and summarization of assessments in accordance with submitted Task Order(s) from OSDH.
  • Create and produce effective media products and communication tools that offer clear benefits to targeted audience segments. Assure that tactics and messages are culturally appropriate and sensitive to specific target audiences, including closed-captioned messaging for the deaf and hard of hearing. Assure that appropriate approvals are requested and received prior to production. Assure that selected collateral materials contain a cost statement in the format provided by OSDH. Assure that appropriate measures are taken to avoid typographical, graphic errors or omissions in the final products or materials. Provide copies of any formally published report that may be produced by the Awarded Vendor and prepared for public distribution to OSDH. Copies will be submitted to the State Publications Clearinghouse.
  • Conduct media planning, negotiation and purchase of airtime, rental space, and sponsorship’s including negotiating free media time.

Due Date:

May 31st


5005 N. Lincoln Ste

300 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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