Strategic Marketing Plan for Travis County Parks Needed


The primary purpose of this Request for Services (RFS) is to solicit proposals from qualified firms to plan and execute a Strategic Marketing Plan for Travis County Parks.


Our mission is to provide the citizens of Travis County a sustainable system of signature parks and nature preserves linked by greenbelts and riparian corridors that furnishes recreational and educational opportunities and protects endangered species and significant natural and cultural resources.

Scope of Work:

The intent of this project is to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan, develop a parks brochure and brochure templates for Travis County Parks, and establish a 501 (c) (3) non-profit TC Parks Conservancy that supports and promotes the interpretive, educational and scientific programs for Travis County Parks.

1. Strategic Marketing Plan for Travis County Parks

                1.1. Develop a Consistent Brand and Strategies to Support the Brand

                1.1.1. Review and recommend strategies that improve and promote Travis County Parks’ existing brand within its market.

                1.1.2. Develop goals for the marketing effort as a whole. These goals will be unique for Travis County Parks.

                1.1.3. Brand Travis County Parks as uniquely different from other local park service agencies, such as City  of Austin, LCRA and Texas State Parks.

                1.1.4. Optimize limited marketing resources and identify marketing priorities.

2. Develop Travis County Parks Brochures and Brochure Templates

                2.1. Brochure development shall:

                2.1.1. Better communicate to the public the location, features, and recreational opportunities of              Travis County Parks.

                2.1.2. Enhance sponsorship, advertising, resource development and partnership opportunities to promote awareness and participation in Travis County Parks including potential business/sponsor advertising interests.

                2.1.3. Create a Countywide brochure and brochure design template, with branded elements including a map and services matrix with addresses of all TC Parks, icons for roads, camping, trails, restrooms, parking, sports fields, and special activity areas (skate parks, BMX course,  greenway trails, etc.). Brochure design template shall allow staff to modify and update the content.

                2.1.4. Include descriptions of all Travis County Parks including highlights of park activities by location.

                2.1.5. Create individual park brochures and brochure design templates with branded elements for Reimers Ranch/Hamilton Pool, the Metro Parks, and the Lake Parks. Brochure design templates shall allow staff to modify and update the content.

                2.2. Brochure Printing

                2.2.1. An initial printing of 10,000 each TC Parks County wide brochures, and 5,000 each individual park brochures (Reimers Ranch/Hamilton Pool, Metro Parks, Lake Parks).

3. Establish a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit TC Parks Conservancy/Friends of TC Parks to:

                3.1. Support and promote the interpretive, educational and scientific programs and services of Travis County Parks.

                3.2. Enhance sponsorship, advertising, resource development and partnership opportunities to promote awareness and participation in Travis County Parks including potential business/sponsor advertising interests.

                3.3. Assist in the development of site-specific promotional items.

                3.4. Promote cultural and natural history.

                3.5. Donate materials for use in interpretive programs and exhibits.

                3.6. Work to secure grants and funding.

                3.7. Support and sponsor fundraising events.

                3.8. This will be accomplished through on-line sales of posters, books, clothing, etc.,       membership support, product development, research funding, and other educational programs           and fundraising activities.

                3.9. Park Conservancy Establishment shall:

                3.9.1. Develop an implementation plan for Conservancy set-up.

                3.9.2. Formalize Conservancy purpose, type and name.

                3.9.3. Establish Board of Directors.

                3.9.4. Establish Bylaws.

                3.9.5. Prepare incorporation paperwork (File for EIN).

                3.9.6. File for 501 (c) (3) status with IRS.

                3.9.7. Develop guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance.

4. Consultant Duties

                4.1. Collaborate closely with stakeholders including Travis County Parks staff, other County departments, and community partners.

                4.2. Identify key markets and significant marketing opportunities.

                4.3. Make recommendations that are achievable within the resources available. Recommendations should include:

                4.3.1. The channels most suitable for promoting and positioning Travis County Parks.

                4.3.2. A consistent method of collecting and monitoring primary research on an ongoing basis,   including visitor satisfaction information to evaluate current marketing initiatives and establish new marketing directions;

                4.3.3. An outline of specific implementation strategies within the Department’s limited marketing budget.

                4.3.4. Public Information and Relations Strategies, including information that should be collected when guests make online reservations that can then be used future outreach. Create template for periodic outreach to constituents. Develop ideas for events and marketing potential for Travis County Parks.

5. OWNERSHIP: All materials furnished to or developed by the vendor for this job are and will remain the property of Travis County. All materials shall be carefully maintained in suitable containers providing protection from damage and dust, and shall be returned promptly if directed. Returned material shall be packaged adequately to assure delivery in good condition. Vendor shall be responsible for replacement costs if any material is lost or damaged.

6. Respondent shall submit (at no cost to Travis County Parks) a minimum of three (3) samples of brochures.

7. Respondent shall include an estimated project timeline in the response.

Due Date:

Oct 23, 2019


Tawana Gardner

Purchasing Agent Assistant III

512 -854-9761

Relevant agencies include Coyne PR and Hunter PR.

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