What Marketing To Do Before Launching

2020-12-16 by Ronn Torossian

When businesses are looking to develop a brand new product, they need to plan a few things before that new product becomes available to the public. And while a coming soon page is a valuable tool in promoting that new product or business venture, as it can function as a sneak peek to the public, as well as a page for the product or business itself, there are several other uses for that type of page. When most business owners are looking to launch their brand new business, they are usually looking to start small and only announce a coming... Read More >

PR Agencies State Of The Office During The Pandemic

2020-11-09 by EPR Staff

While many PR agencies officially have their offices closed due to Covid-19, we are aware Rubenstein Public Relations in NYC opened, although we know DKC-PR, MWW PR, 5WPR and other market leaders in that region have their offices closed, although employees are free to go in if they want. What are others saying about opening? According to Noel Hampton ofTrizCom Public Relations, that agency has reopened.  He said, “We have reopened. We’re a Dallas-based firm that went remote earlier this year due to the pandemic. We wanted to make sure our team was safe and protected, and we were very... Read More >

PR News From Peppercomm, 5W PR & Golin Harris

2020-10-16 by EPR Staff

  Stephen Corsi Named Chief Digital Officer of Peppercomm The leading strategic communications and marketing agency, Peppercomm, hired Stephen Corsi as its Chief Digital Officer as well as Senior Partner. His primary role at the agency is to lead and grow digital marketing communications services that include social media marketing, paid search, web design and development, SEO, video, and creative services. Previous to working at Peppercomm, Corsi provided digital and PR strategy to different financial services, enterprise B2B, and fintech clients, such as Bank of America, McAfee, Blackberry, and plenty of other Fortune 500 companies. Heal Selects 5WPR as Agency... Read More >

Delivering 5-Star Hedge Fund PR

2020-09-03 by EPR Staff

Although there are some similarities between mutual funds and hedge funds, knowing and strategizing for these differences is an important pathway toward achieving success. People generally invest in hedge funds to maximize their returns while minimizing or eliminating risk. Hedge fund PR is an important arm of financial PR, and selecting the right agency to manage a hedge fund PR to reach this audience is critical. Who are some of the best agencies working in that arena? Edelman This global agency has 30 financial staff members available at its New York offices to work with new and existing clients. Some... Read More >

Falwell Resigns, Creating a PR Opportunity for Liberty

2020-08-30 by Ronn Torossian

It’s been a tense last couple of weeks for one of the nation’s largest evangelical colleges, Liberty University. The president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., initially resigned, then, according to him, ‘never really resigned.’ Then, later in the week, he resigned (again), this time personally and, apparently, officially. The resignation comes as the embattled former university head faces major scrutiny from his evangelical, conservative base, as well as university trustees, because of reports of his involvement in a years-long affair his wife had. The fall from grace has been both fast and steep, as Falwell had been, until very recently, one of... Read More >

Gain an Advantage with Competitive Intelligence

2020-08-10 by Ronn Torossian

Gain an Advantage with Competitive Intelligence To any NFL team, gathering as much information about the competition is essential to winning. The six-time Super Bowl New England Patriots got caught videotaping signals of New York Jets’ coaches during a 2007 game in an incident dubbed Spygate, which resulted in fines and sanctions. The Pats were caught again in December for videotaping the sidelines of a Cincinnati Bengals versus Cleveland Browns game for what was to be part of a web series. They faced similar penalties. Whether the profession or industry, intelligence gathering is critical to success, and brands are no... Read More >

PR & Adtech: Marketing for Marketers

2020-07-15 by EPR Staff

Over the past few years, technologies in the advertising space have exploded into the marketing space. Now, mind-blowing technology platforms automate and deliver highly-targeted advertising. This has been at the expense of conventional means, where humans working with rudimentary algorithms bought and sold digital advertising packages. Thanks to a boom in the venture capital space, hundreds of new technologies have sprouted in the ad space. Given the incredible ad-revenues, more companies continue to join the adtech space seeking a slice of the advertising pie. While increased competition means better services and lower prices in the adtech space, the new technologies... Read More >

Why Digital PR is Now a Primary Concern

2020-07-06 by Ronn Torossian

Technology is always growing and shifting due to advances and changes in consumer demand. Now, with vastly more people staying at home, both for work and in their free time, technology is shifting to meet current demands, and some industry watchers believe these trends could signal a long-term sea change for many different industries. At its most basic, more people are adopting and adapting technology than they have previously. From social media to virtual meetings, huge numbers of people across multiple demographics are making technology a part of their day-to-day experience. Now, with more people transitioning online, brands have a... Read More >

Tapping a Crisis Management Firm in Times of Need

2020-05-20 by Ronn Torossian

Tapping a Crisis Management Firm in Times of Need If a company is facing a serious problem that is threatening its reputation as well as many important relationships, it means it’s time for that company to get in touch with a crisis management firm.  A number of situations are valid reasons for concern when it comes to businesses working with crisis management firms, including employees not treating customers well, bad behaviors from business partners, data leaks or any other types of negative situations which have ended up right in front of the eye of the public and have made audiences... Read More >

Blaze PR: Company Profile of Blaze PR

2020-05-18 by EPR Staff

Blaze PR: Company Profile of Blaze PR Blaze PR offers its public relations services to a variety of different lifestyle brands. This boutique PR agency, based in Santa Monica, has a team of professionals.  The firm was established in 1990 and is a strategic public relations and marketing communications company. The agency strives to create three dimensional strategies and presents each brand in the best light possible for their target audience to enjoy. The team of experts at Blaze PR offers a variety of different services to each and every one of their clients, including, but not limited to strategic... Read More >

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